Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Additional notes for Mission #4.

Some odds and ends for Mission #4.

Would you let her climb into the cockpit with you?

1) Rules for picking up Downed Mechwarriors.  There is a chance that the mechwarrior we are trying to rescue may loose her mech and be needing someone to rescue her.  We will use the same rules for picking up boxes, with a couple of changes.  If your mech falls while you are carrying a mechwarrior in your mechs hand, the mechwarrior will be killed.  You can take one full turn of not moving or shooting to open your cockpit and the Mechwarrior can cram into the cockpit with you.  You will be +1 to all your shooting and piloting check you have to make due to the cramped conditions.  But the mechwarrior will be a little safer.

2) We got another player.  Derek should be joining us for the rest of the campaign.  He was a regular in the last campaign, and I'm a little embarrassed I forgot to invite him at the start of this one.

3) Be thinking about your resupply vote that we hold at the end of the game (What faction your replacement mechs will come from).  I know I kind of surprised you last time with the vote.  I'll give you a little insight to the variations of your choices this time.
  • House Davion -  All purpose force, Varying tech from 3025 -3055
  • House Kurita - 3050+ tech with some nice Combine only Tech (lightest tonnage)
  • House Steiner -  Newest designs of your choices, 3055 and 3058 tech (2nd lightest)
  • House Liao - 3 long range mechs, with one fast moving scout. (3025 - 3058 tech)
  • Rasalhauge Republic - Highest tonnage (all 3025 Tech) 
  • Comstar - 2750 era tech (same as 3050) 2nd heaviest choice.
4)  Tina, the redheaded down in ordinance, wishes you all good luck as you head out on your mission.  ;)

See yah Next Friday.