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Player Dossier: Harry "Flashy" Flashman

1st Davion Guards Dossier

Type: Mechwarrior

Name:  Harry Flashman

Callsign: Flashy

Unit: 1st Davion Guards, 7th Company

Battlemech: Flashman FLS-8K

Specialty:  Lasers, ER Lasers, Women

Flashy (Harry Flashman) is a charismatic man and the image of an ideal Federated Commonwealth officer. He claims only three natural talents: Mech piloting, facility with foreign languages, and womanizing. He's become an expert cricket bowler, but that was through hard effort (he needed sporting credit at Rugby School, and was afraid to play rugby football). He can also display a winning personality, when he wants to, and is very skilled at flattering those more important than himself without appearing servile.

As he admits, Flashy is a coward, who will flee from danger if there is any way to do so, and on some occasions collapses in funk. He has one great advantage in concealing this weakness: when he is frightened, his face turns red, rather than white, so that observers think he is excited, enraged, or exuberant - as a hero ought to be.

After his expulsion from school for drunkenness, Flashy looked for an easy life. He had his wealthy father buy him an Lyran officer's commission in the fashionable 10th Donegal Guards stationed in the system of Chateau. The 10th, commanded by Marshal Sarah Steiner, was a unit of renown in Lyran space.  Flashy threw himself into the social life that the 10th offered and became a leading light of Chateau society. A duel with another officer over a courtesan led to his being relocated to a different continent on Chateau. There he met and deflowered Elspeth Morrison, daughter of a wealthy Lyran weapons developer, whom he had to marry in a "shotgun wedding".  Though he was kicked out of the 10th for "actions unbecoming an officer".  The day he was to ship out, The Clans struck Chateau, wiping out the 10th and none lived to tell the tale.  He fled the system along with the other refugees.

Unfortunately, his language talent and his habit of flattery brought him to the attention of the Morgan Kell.  Flashy having weaseled his way into a royal banquet on Tharkad, found himself rubbing elbows with the Grand Duke of Arc-Royal.  After hearing Flashy's version of escaping Clan Wolf on Chateau, Morgan offered him a position with the Kell Hounds.

His first action with the Hounds was the 2nd battle of Twycross, against Clan Jade Falcon.  Flashy, in fleeing from the Falcon Guard, led them right into the trap that had been set by Kai Allard-Liao.  Battle turned in favor of the FedCom forces, when Falcon Guard were lured into a deep canyon where Kai Allard-Liao detonated planted powerful explosives in the canyon walls. Resulting in Jade Falcon Guards destruction by being buried under rock and rubble.  Flashy close enough to the mouth of the canyon, that his Shadow Hawk battlemech was only partially buried from the rock slide.  A video crew captured the image of the Shadow Hawk emerging from the rubble that had claimed nearly 50 Falcon mechs.  Flashman's fame of the incident was only surpassed by Kai Allard-Liao.   

Flashy survived the ensuing debacle by a mixture of sheer luck and unstinting cowardice. He became an unwitting hero: The Defender of Luithen's primary LRM ammo factory, where he was the only surviving Kell Hound from his company.  Flashy was found by the relieving troops in his armless shutdown Shadow Hawk surrounded by destroyed Smoke Jaguar battlemechs. Of course, Flashy arrived at the Ammo factory by accident, collapsed in terror rather than fight, was forced to stand and fight by his subordinate, and was 'pegged' for a complete coward. He had been trying to surrender with the arms of his kneeling Shadow Hawk upraised when the the primary ammo storage warehouse was hit.  Every mech within 200m was destroyed, except for Flashy who only lost the arms of his mech to the blast due to the kneeling position.  The reinforced lower walls of the warehouse protected everything under 5m.  Happily for him, all inconvenient witnesses had been killed.

This incident set the tone for Flashy's life. Always in spite of his best efforts to evade his duty. He was often selected for especially dangerous jobs because of his heroic reputation. He met many famous people, and survived some of the worst military disasters, always coming out with more heroic laurels.

Despite his admitted cowardice, Flashy was a dab hand at fighting when he had to. It should be pointed out that most of these acts of 'bravery' were performed only when he had absolutely no choice, and to do anything else would have resulted in his being exposed as a coward and losing his respected status in society, or being shot for desertion. When he could act like a coward with impunity, he invariably did.

Flashy left the Kell Hounds on Arc-Royal to join with the 1st Davion Guards on New Avalon in Davion space.  He did so to get out of Lyran space and away from transplanted Clan Wolf in Exile who's Clan warriors would see right through Flashy and jeopardize his reputation.  He thought he would be safe, back on a capitol world, living the life in the upper echelons of society.  Then Operation Bulldog was launched and Harry Flashman was once again in the middle of the major conflicts of his time.

Harry had managed to hide on one of the invasion Jumpships, missing his invasion drop to the northern part of Port Arthur.  Just as he was about to be discovered, he snuck into a batch of reserve mechwarriors that had recently arrived.  He was assigned to replace combat losses of the 7th Company.  Upon joining the 7th he was assigned, of all mechs, a Flashman class heavy mech. 

Player Dossier: Benjamin "Patriot" Martin

1st Davion Guards Dossier

Type: Mechwarrior

Name:  Benjamin Martin

Callsign: Patriot

Unit: 1st Davion Guards, 7th Company

Battlemech: Guillotine GLT-3N

Specialty:  Lasers, SRM's

At the beginning of the War of 3039 between the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine,
Benjamin Martin is a veteran of the Fourth Succession Wars and a widower raising his seven children.  He is living in the Rochester system and is a second cousin to Field Marshal James Sandoval, The Duke of Robinson.  Martin is called to Robinson and offered a Company command for the Invasion of the Draconis Combine. Fearing the consequences of a war, Martin declines to posting. Ashamed of his father's perceived cowardice, Martin's eldest son, Gabriel, enlists in the Federated Suns Military against his father's wishes.
Colonel Tavington, Fourth Ghost Regiment
A within months the Draconis Combine has launched a counterattack which includes landings on Rochester.  Gabriel returns home to Rochester, having been wounded in early action.  His unit was wiped out, but he escaped capture returning with valuable information about Combine forces. The Martins open their estate to wounded / recovering veterans of the conflict.  However Draconis Combine forces soon arrive at the Martin estate.  A lance of the Fourth Ghost Regiment, led by the ruthless Colonel William Tavington.  They arrest Gabriel as a spy and intend to execute him back at their camp. When Benjamin's next eldest son Thomas attempts to free Gabriel, he is shot and killed by Colonel Tavington. Tavington orders the Estate burned, and the wounded shot.
On their way back to camp, the Fourth Ghost Lance is ambushed by Martin and two of his sons, freeing Gabriel in the process. Gabriel and Benjamin decide to rejoin the Federated Suns army and fight the Combine Forces on Rochester, leaving the rest of the children in the care of his sister-in-law, Charlotte. Due to his battlefield experience, Benjamin is appointed a Captain and put in charge of the local militia. His goal will be to keep The Fourth Ghost Regiment occupied in order to prevent them from marching north to the higher populated areas of Rochester. Benjamin recruits and trains his force with the assistance of Major Jean Villeneuve, a retired Lyran Tank commander, who is assigned to Martin's militia unit.
Benjamin's militia uses guerrilla warfare with limited Mechs, Tanks and infantry, harassing Combine supply lines and capturing goods. These tactics earn him the disdain of Colonel Tavington who is willing to use whatever means necessary to capture Martin and crush his militia.  Tavington learns the identities of some of the militia members and proceeds to attack their families and burn their homes. Benjamin's family is forced to flee Charlotte's plantation, after it is burned, and settle along the coast with a group of former servants.
During his campaign, Tavington rides into a town known to support the militia and has the inhabitants locked in the church. He then orders the church burned, killing all inside, including Gabriel Martin's new wife Anne Howard. In a rage, Gabriel and a small group of militia attack Tavington's encampment. Before Benjamin is able to arrive to support his son, Gabriel is killed by Tavington.
Heartbroken, Benjamin leads the militia in a decisive battle against Tavington. The Rochester militia forces prevail over the Fourth Ghost Regiment and Benjamin kills Tavington. 
Now 20 years later, all his children are grown and have lives of their own.  Martin at 54 still feels he has something to offer the Federated Suns in their battle against the Clans.  Needing every able bodied Mechwarrior, the Federated Suns quickly took Martin back.  He was assigned to the 1st Davion Guards, a unit that would be at the forefront of the Jaguar counter offensive.  Fed Suns media made his posting to the unit wide spread on many media outlets. The idea being to show the Draconis Combine allies that even a veteran of the last two conflicts between the Dracs and the Suns is in full support of liberating Combine space and removing the Clans from the Inner Sphere.  Little did they know he is really bat%&$^ CRAZY!

(Written by Patsfreak, Edit by RangerRob)

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Mission #8: Mission Briefing

Mission 8: City Fight!

The city of Kobe is burning.  Yesterday all Smoke Jaguar officials and military police forces left the city.  The citizens of Kobe rejoiced figuring the Jags were consolidating their forces to deal with the invasion.  This was not the case.  Apparently in reprisal for the populace up north turning against the Smoke Jaguars, The Jags have entered the city and started leveling buildings.  They are trying to make an example of the city and people of Kobe. 

Primary Objectives:
+ Defend the Capital building
+ Defend the Morimoto Castle
+ Defend Kobe civilians

Secondary Objectives:
+ Defend all other buildings
+ Eliminate all opposing Jaguar forces

Mission Briefing:
Should be straight forward, get hose Clanners out of Kobe.  Of most importance is the civilians, we are here to protect them.  There are a couple of buildings that command wishes us to protect.  First is the Capital building.  Figure that the Jags will be looking to make an example of it.  Second is the old Morimoto Castle.  It is of deep historical significance here on Port Arthur, try to keep the Jags from leveling it.

Remember you will be mostly on pavement and concrete so be careful with your turns when running through the city.  As you know metal mech feet can slip on the smooth surface.  I don't want to see a holo-vid on the invasion news of one of you sliding through a building you are trying to protect, or worse slide into a group of civilians.  Furthermore, watch your fire.  I can understand a missed shot or two, just try not to do too much damage to the primary buildings we are trying to protect.

I'm sure that some House Kurita "big wigs" will be watching the situation closely.  How we act will go far toward strengthening  or weakening the New Star League.  House Davion mechwarriors defending Draconis Combine citizens is something that was unthinkable as few as 10 years ago.

Make us proud.

Expected Jaguar forces:
"Ghost Bear Star"
Kodiak: Star Captain Johnson (2/3)
Grizzly: Star Commander Damon (2/3)
Nova B: Mechwarrior (3/4)
Shadow Hawk IIC: Mechwarrior (3/4)
Fire Moth B: Mechwarrior (3/4)

"Jade Falcon Star"
Bane 2 (Kraken 2): Star Captain Sabathia (2/3)
Night Gyr Prime: Star Commander Teixeira (2/3)
Stormcrow (Ryoken) B: Mechwarrior (3/4)
Conjurer (Hellhound): Mechwarrior (3/4)
Cougar D: Mechwarrior (3/4)

Good Luck!
Nash out. 

We will be using the building rules in this game.  
For simplicity each large building will take 80 points of damage. (90% of the buildings on the table will be large) 
Each small building will take 40 points of damage.  
The Two primary buildings you are to defend will take 120 points of damage.
Remember the damage remaining is the amount of weight a building can hold.  So Jumping an 85 ton mech onto a 80 point building will bring it down, you along with it.  
We will review the skidding rules before we start.  
We will skip the basement rules.  
We will review the falling rules, as in falling off a building, or having a building fall from under you. 
Any shot that misses a mech will hit a building being used as cover if any. 
If the target did not have partial cover from a building, shots will hit the building next in the line of fire unless it is out of range for the weapon shot.  I have some small "post-it's" we will be placing on buildings to track damage.  
We will also review "Rubble" rules (as in how to move through it) as a destroyed building makes rubble.
(for the record, The City of Kobe is named after the 6th largest city in Japan...not the Lakers basketball player)

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Fire Moth (Dasher)

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Fire Moth (Dasher)

Mech Class: Light

Weight: 20 Tons

Tech Base: Clan (Omni)

The Fire Moth is a light Clan OmniMech intended for scouting, and is often deployed by Clan Ghost Bear. With a running speed of 162.0 km/h, accelerating up to 216.0 km/h with the MASC system installed on the 'Mech's chassis, the Fire Moth is easily one of the fastest designs ever created, the reason the Inner Sphere gave it the codename of Dasher.

The Fire Moth was originally designed by Clan Cloud Cobra scientists as an infantry support OmniMech. The high-placed arms were positioned in order for a pair of infantry "pods" underslung on the arms of the prototype Fire Moth. Designed to ease transporting elementals into battle, the "pods" were discarded after the first field test, but the arms were never adjusted.

Clan Ghost Bear came into possession of the Fire Moth when Clan Cloud Cobra traded the design for 5 years of trade considerations. Both the Ghost Bears and Clan Hell's Horses make extensive use of the Fire Moth for reconnaissance, dueling and infantry support. Because the Fire Moth is poorly armed and armored, and infantry support is a lack-luster assignment, the Fire Moth is frequently assigned to warriors who are older and lack bloodname before they reach solahma units. These warriors tend to be extremely aggressive.

Typical of many light 'Mechs in its liberal use of lightweight materials, the Fire Moth's superior speed comes from its 200 XL Fusion Engine. An Endo Steel chassis saves additional space. Two tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor act as the only barrier between an enemy and the 'Mech's fragile internals, although the 'Mech relies much more on its speed than its durability for survival. The standard preinstalled ten double heat sinks have little trouble dissipating the 'Mech's heat.

For such a light design, the Fire Moth has an excellent array of short-range weapons in its default configuration, one of the reasons for its superb performance in raids and guerilla warfare. Each arm mounts an ER Medium Laser as primary weapons. An SRM-6 and SRM-4 rack provide the Fire Moth with additional striking capability and allow it to exploit breaches in enemy armor. However, the heavy weapons load means that the Fire Moth lacks advanced electronics of any sort.

* Alt Config. A - Taking advantage of the 'Mech's ridiculous speed, this configuration acts as an artillery spotter and a typical scout, mounting an Active Probe for detecting hidden units and a TAG system for designating artillery fire. The weapons payload was greatly reduced to fit in the electronics, however, and the Fire Moth A mounts only a single Streak SRM-4 for self-defense.

* Alt Config. B - A close combat configuration, the Fire Moth B replaces the ER Medium Lasers with Medium Pulse Lasers. Dual Machine Guns easily dispose of any infantry the 'Mech may encounter, and an A-Pod secures the 'Mech's legs against any that manage to close in.

* Alt Config. C - An attempt to use the design for indirect fire support, the Fire Moth C mounts dual LRM-5 missile racks, as well as an Anti-Missile System to prevent any retribution by its target.

* Alt Config. D - A simple harasser and guerrilla warfare specialist, the Fire Moth D simply utilizes five ER Medium Lasers for excellent short-range firepower, made all the more deadly by an advanced Targeting Computer. This configuration also mounts a Flamer for anti-infantry and incendiary use.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  Hit this mech once and it should drop.  Trouble is hitting it, she is one of the fastest you have faced.  Normally used in a scout role or a fast troop transport for Battle Armor.

Tech Readout:

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Cougar

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Cougar

Mech Class: Light

Weight: 35 Tons

Tech Base: Clan (Omni)

After the Refusal War with Clan Wolf, Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde decided to upgrade the 'Mechs her Clan fielded as they rebuilt. Rather than waste precious resources designing a new OmniMech from the ground up, she instructed her scientists to improve upon existing designs. The design the scientists chose to modify was the Adder. Though the two 'Mechs are visually similar and share the same weight, the Falcon Cougar is slower and better armed, though it only has five and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. This process enabled the Falcon scientists to produce a new design in roughly half the time it would have taken them otherwise.

Though the Cougar first appeared among Jade Falcon forces during the battle of Coventry, it has since been seen in other Clan forces, most notably Clan Smoke Jaguar, where it was first spotted on Port Arthur during Operation Bulldog. Because it was built on the original Puma chassis and looks very similar to that 'Mech, many Inner Sphere units mistakenly believed they knew the Cougar's capabilities. Not many lived to learn from their mistakes.

The Jade Falcon scientists continued to closely mimic the Adder in the Cougar's weapon systems. The primary configuration uses a pair of LRM-10s and Large Pulse Lasers for a combination of direct and indirect fire support.

* Alt. Config. A - The most popular alternate configuration, the Cougar A is built around a pair of LRM-20s, each with an Artemis IV FCS. This configuration is supported by a pair of ER Medium Lasers and a Small Pulse Laser.

* Alt. Config. B - Similar to the Adder Prime, the Cougar B uses a pair of ER PPCs for direct fire support. It has an ER Medium Laser for close range. Six additional double heat sinks help to dissipate the heat these weapons generate.

* Alt. Config. C - A configuration that has more of a mixture of long- and short-range weapons, the C is built around a single Gauss Rifle. It is complemented by five ER Medium Lasers that allow the Cougar C to stay on the field for a long time.

* Alt. Config. D - The final original configuration which uses an ER Large Laser and an Ultra Autocannon/10 for sniping and a pair of SRM-4s to finish off its opponents at close range.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  This might be the slowest light clan mech ever made.  That means she carries a lot of firepower.  Should not be that much of an issue for you guys.

Tech Readout:

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Shadow Hawk IIC

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Shadow Hawk IIC

Mech Class: Medium

Weight: 45 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

The Shadow Hawk IIC is a second-line Clan BattleMech based upon the Shadow Hawk that was first fielded by the Star League. The inexpensive unit is protected by seven and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, mounted on a weight-saving Endo Steel chassis. This medium 'Mech can reach a respectable top speed of 97 km/h, though it also carries enough jump jets to vault up to 180 meters at a time. 

The first version of the Shadow Hawk IIC that Inner Sphere forces encountered is meant for close-range fighting, and appears to be designed with urban warfare in mind. Two Medium Pulse Lasers are incredibly accurate in close. Four Streak SRM-2s are best at exploiting holes in an enemy's armor, while the Streak technology ensures the missiles will inflict no collateral damage. An ER Medium Laser and ER Small Laser rounds out the weaponry. Ten double heat sinks take care of most heat, especially since the Streaks will build no heat if they do not achieve a lock and fire.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  This mech has more incommon with the inner sphere Phoenix Hawk than the Shadow Hawk.  Wait for it to slow down, or ignore it.

Tech Readout:

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Conjurer (Hellhound)

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Conjurer (Hellhound)

Mech Class: Medium

Weight: 50 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

The Conjurer (Hellhound to the Inner Sphere) is a fast, inexpensive medium BattleMech that excels at medium to short range. As befitting its status as a second-line 'Mech, the Conjurer uses a standard engine, though it is constructed on an Endo Steel chassis and uses eight and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. Its jump jets enable it to leap up to 180 meters at a time.

It is noteworthy that the Conjurer is, for all intents and purposes, the Wolverine-IIC.  It was designed off the original Wolverine, taking the concept and rebuilding it with advanced technology. However the Clans would not retain the name of the Not-Named Clan for the redesigned 'Mech. 

The Conjurer uses a Large Pulse Laser that is quite accurate and effective at a respectable range. To back that up, it mounts paired ER Medium Lasers and Streak SRM-2s. Ten double heat sinks are able to keep heat under control, though a Conjurer can summon up a heat problem if pressed too hard.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  I'm not sure if the Clans have made a bad IIC design.  Figure that this mech will be jumping about taking advantage of the Large Pulse laser accuracy.  Drop it quick or ignore it and deal with it after bigger threats are gone.

Tech Readout:

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Stormcrow (Ryoken)

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Stormcrow (Ryoken)

Mech Class: Medium

Weight: 55 Tons

Tech Base: Clan (Omni)

The Stormcrow is a wide-spread second generation OmniMech fielded by many Clans. However, within the Clan Smoke Jaguar touman, the Stormcrow was especially common during the Clan Invasion and was code named the Ryoken by the warriors of the DCMS who encountered it. Because of its versatility through its combination of mobility, armor, and firepower in its various configurations the Stormcrow is a feared opponent on the battlefield.

The Stormcrow was designed by Clan Hell's Horses and debuted during the Battle of Tokasha. It is also implied that Stormcrow prototypes were produced on Tokasha at Tokasha MechWorks. However, prototypes of the Stormcrow had only just debuted when Clan Ghost Bear won the planet Tokasha through the Battle of Tokasha. As a result of the upheaval, design copies and moulds for the Stormcrow were scattered throughout Clan space. The final production version of the Stormcrow debuted in 2930 when Clan Snow Raven scientists finished with a series of minor design changes and rechristened the OmniMech.
The Stormcrow is built on a lightweight Endo Steel chassis and is powered by a 330 XL engine that propels it to a top speed of 97.2 km/h. The Stormcrow is protected by nine and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, giving the 'Mech the ability to survive encounters with other units that it isn't capable of outpacing.

The primary configuration of the Stormcrow is capable of engaging an enemy at any range and uses its speed to strike at its target with a great deal of force and evade a counter attack. The 'Mechs primary weapons are a pair of ER Large Lasers allowing the 'Mech to strike at long range. For close combat, the Stormcrow carries three ER Medium Lasers. To handle the heavy heat load, the Stormcrow prime has twelve double heat sinks on top of the ten mounted in the base chassis.

* Alt. Config. A - Configured for close combat, the Stormcrow A is armed with a single LRM-20 launcher for long range capabilities allowing it to support friendly units at long range. For close combat, the 'Mech is armed with four Medium Pulse Lasers and two Streak SRM-6 launchers making it a deadly knife fighter.

* Alt. Config. B - Another close combat configuration, the B configuration of the Stormcrow carries a single Ultra Autocannon/20 as its primary weapon. This is backed up by six ER Medium Lasers. To handle the 'Mechs heat, it has three additional double heat sinks.

* Alt. Config. C - The Stormcrow C is armed with some of the most accurate weapons available to the clans. For long range combat, the 'Mech has an LB-X Autocannon/10 that can fire both standard and cluster ammunition. The C configuration carries a Large Pulse Laser and two Medium Pulse Lasers for short ranges.

* Alt. Config. D - A long range support configuration, the Stormcrow D has as its primary weapons a pair of LRM-20 launchers. These are backed up by two SRM-2 launchers for close combat. All of these weapons are augmented with a Narc Missile Beacon launcher which can mark enemy units with a missile homing beacon for increased accuracy.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  Backbone of the Smoke Jags Medium mechs, really surprised we have yet to see one.  Side Torsos are the weak point, they have less armor than the arms do.  Fast for it's size too (18" run).  Usually only arm mounted weapons.  Watch the B configuration...very lethal.

Tech Readout:

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Night Gyr

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Night Gyr

Mech Class: Heavy

Weight: 75 Tons

Tech Base: Clan (Omni)

The Night Gyr came back with Clan Jade Falcon leaders following their return to the Clan homeworlds in 3051 to elect a new ilKhan. It has become more prevalent in the Falcon touman following the Refusal War. No expense was spared in the manufacture of this OmniMech that uses an XL Engine and Endo Steel to save weight. It also incorporates eleven and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. Though it is on the slow end for a Clan heavy 'Mech, the Night Gyr mounts four fixed jump jets that enable it to jump up to 120 meters in a single bound. The design was a testbed for some new technologies, including the Laser Heat Sink, which was eventually phased out due to a lack of increased performance. 

The primary configuration is hard-hitting, mounting a pair of ER PPCs and an Ultra Autocannon/10. This blistering firepower can often take down an opponent before they are in range. Three Medium Pulse Lasers serve as accurate backups. Eight additional double heat sinks keep the 'Mech fairly cool.

* Alt. Config. A - This first variant is a short-range powerhouse. It mounts an Ultra Autocannon/20 to breach opponent's armor and a pair of Streak SRM-6s to exploit those holes. A Large Pulse Laser and a trio of Medium Pulse Lasers are highly accurate weapons that can help to minimize collateral damage in an urban environment. Even with four additional double heat sinks, this variant can be quickly overwhelmed by heat.

* Alt. Config. B - The Night Gyr B seeks to destroy opponents before they can return fire. A pair of Gauss Rifles and LB-X Autocannon/2s carry out that mandate. Ammo is somewhat lacking, however, so this design cannot stray far from supply, especially as it has no backup energy weapons.

* Alt. Config. C - Another long-range variant, the C mounts three Ultra Autocannon/2s and two ER Large Lasers. A pair of ER Medium Lasers are present for backup. All of these weapons are linked to a Targeting Computer. Six extra heat sinks ensure the 'Mech stays mostly cool.

* Alt. Config. D - This missile boat carries four LRM-20 launchers, each of which is slaved to an Artemis IV FCS. Six tons of ammunition is barely enough to keep it firing for a minute. A Large Pulse Laser and Medium Pulse Laser are effective backup weapons

Captain Nash's Analysis:  Lord knows how the clanners managed to fit so many hard hitting weapons on such a well armed and armored chassis.  To be honest I'm glad the clanners favor the Mad Cat to this chassis.  Cut it off from the other clanners if possible, then team up and drop this one.  Smoke Jags have a good number of these chassis on planet, would be REALLY nice to salvage one of them. 

Tech Readout:

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Bane (Kraken)

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Bane (Kraken)

Mech Class: Assault

Weight: 100 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

The Bane is a BattleMech that is based upon a Star League prototype that was never put into production. Tagged the Kraken by Inner Sphere forces who opposed it, the Bane was first built in the early part of the 29th century. It was originally a significant part of many Clan toumans, but was gradually relegated to second-line status following the introduction of the OmniMech. As such, it is still critical to many defensive units. The design uses a lightweight XL Engine so that it can mount the arsenal that it does. Nineteen tons of armor protects this venerable assault 'Mech. 

This long-range, direct-fire support 'Mech is armed with ten Ultra Autocannon/2s. This weapon has one of the longest ranges in the Clan arsenal, so the Bane can stand back at extreme range and pepper an enemy unit with impunity. Four tons of ammunition keep the 'Mech well-supplied. It runs into problems up close, however, stemming from the minimum range of the autocannons. To keep enemies at bay, especially unarmored infantry, the Bane mounts four Machine Guns. Ten double heat sinks are sufficient to keep the 'Mech cool.

Bane 2 - This variant is effective at both medium and short range. It trades out the autocannon for four Ultra Autocannon/10s. In addition, it is capable of spitting out almost twice the damage of the original. Fourteen tons of ammunition allow the Bane 2 to stay in the fight for a long time.   A One shot SRM4 seems to have been added as an after thought.

Bane 3 - This design changes the weapons configuration totally. Eight LRM-15 provide fire support, while sixteen tons of ammunition proves sufficient for the design. A One-Shot Streak SRM-4 provides one-time close support. Nineteen double heat sinks are up to the task of keeping the design cool.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  14 tons of ammo, means 14 ammo bins.  Find a weak point in the armor and hit one of those bins.  She is also pretty slow, so getting through the rear armor might be an option.  Be warned though, looks like those arms can flip to the rear.

Tech Readout:

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Grizzly

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Grizzly

Mech Class: Heavy

Weight: 70 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

The Grizzly is a BattleMech that was developed by Clan Ghost Bear scientists in the 30th century. Unfortunately, the design excels at no one thing, so it never carved a niche in the Clan's touman. Thirteen tons of armor are mounted on an Endo Steel frame. Jump jets are mounted so that the Grizzly can leap up to 120 meters at a time. Aside from the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none moniker, the Grizzly is also poorly engineered. Slagged armor tends to get stuck in joints and weapons, while the actuators are difficult to repair in their own right. Production ceased in 3013 and the remaining 'Mechs were relegated to green Provisional Garrison Clusters.

The Grizzly actually packs a solid long-range punch with a Omega 12-coil Gauss Rifle and a Type X "Short Bow" LRM-10 Launcher. At closer ranges, a brace of pulse lasers provides accurate fire in the form of a Kolibri Delta Series Large Pulse Laser, Kolibri Delta Series Medium Pulse Laser, and a Chi Series Small Pulse Laser.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  Don't let the description above fool you.  This is a scary machine.  It has minimal heat issues so expect to see all of the weapons fire whenever they can.

Tech Readout:

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Kodiak

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Kodiak

Mech Class: Assault

Weight: 100 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

Able to run at 64.8 km/h, the Kodiak is a relatively fast Assault 'Mech. With seventeen and a half tons of Compound 12A2 armor, incredible firepower, and twenty double heat sinks, it is a successful blend of defense, fire-power, and speed. The Kodiak incorporates the Garret L20 as its communications system, and uses the RCA Instatrack Mark IX for targeting.

The Kodiak's primary armament consists of devastating short-range weaponry; namely the single Series II Ultra AC/20 occupying its entire right side of its torso, and twin Streak SRM-6s situated in the left side of the torso. These powerful weapons enable the Kodiak to savage any foe, but care must be taken with the limited ammunition at the MechWarrior's disposal. The 'Mech supplements its primary weaponry with eight Series 2a ER Medium Lasers, four above each hand set into a claw-like array. The ER Medium Lasers, powered by the fusion power plant, provide hefty firepower long after the ammunition bays have run dry. While the Kodiak is a cruel opponent close up, it is far from defenseless at long-range; mounted directly beneath the engine is a Series 7k ER Large Laser, allowing it to soften up targets as it advances for the kill.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  Play time is over folks.  Now it starts getting real.  I would suggest keeping this beast at least 120m (8") away from you, keeping most all of the weapons it carries out of short range.  If you have to get close, try to stay in the rear or rear left side so it can't bring the Ultra20 or all of the ER mediums to bear on you.

Tech Readout:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mission #8: Prelude

Tukayyid: 3052.

Seven years ago a great proxy battle was fought on the planet of Tukkayid.  ComStar challenged the invading clans to the battle.  Should the Clans win, ComStar would assist them by limiting the use of their HPG network, thus paving the way to Earth.  But should ComStar win, the Clans would halt their invasion of the inner sphere for 15 years.  ComStar won, letting the Inner Sphere to rebuild it's shattered forces and eventually launch the counterattack called Operation Bulldog.

When the Clans were planning their assault on Tukayyid, they settled many of their disputes through trials and duels.  Four clans demanded the honor of being the first to touch down on Tukayyid.  To be the Honored clan that started the assault that would secure Terra.  The Steel Vipers, Jade Falcons, Ghost Bears and Smoke Jaguars all wished to be that clan.  They would settle which clan would be the first with a trial.  One star of Mechs from each Clan would be matched in a tournament to win the honor.  The Vipers and Falcons faced off in a brutal fight that the Falcons won with their usual tenacity in battle.  The Ghost Bears and Smoke Jags had a more tactical battle, with much more maneuvering by the Jaguars and defensive fighting by the Bears.  The Jags won out then claimed the Ghost Bear mechwarriors as bondsmen and mechs, isorla (prizes of war).  In the final pairing the Falcons and Jaguars had an epic battle, with the Jaguars edging out a victory.  Again the Jaguars took the Falcon Mechs and Warriors as prizes of war.  The Jaguars figuring that by removing those two stars of mechs and mechwarriors that they would weaken the Bears and Falcons.  The Jags figured those stars surely would be part of the Tukayyid invasion force.  The Jaguars would have a slight advantage (at least over the Falcons and Bears) as the clans raced to be the first to achieve their objectives.  For the Clan the achieved their objectives 1st would be honored as ilClan...head clan above all the others.

These two stars of bondsmen were stationed on Port Arthur to learn the way of the Jaguar.  Over the years they one by one were given abtakha (captured warrior adopted by new clan).  Though, these warriors have not seen real combat since those trials.  With the loss of the Clans a Tukayyid, the invasion stopped, and these 10 mechwarriors have been patiently waiting for those years to pass.  Keeping their mechs and skills honed by challenging other Jaguar warriors to honor duels.  They long for combat, and the Jaguars are about to unleash the former Bear and Falcon warriors.

Notable Mechwarriors of those taken isorla:

Star Captain Johnson

Former Ghost Bear.  Star Captain Johnson is the highest ranking of the  former Bears taken in the duels.  Standing nearly seven feet tall, the Ghost Bears put him one of the few mechs that could hold his large frame.  A Kodiak the Smoke Jags have dubbed "The Big Unit". 

Star Commander Damon
Fast rising mechwarrior of the Ghost Bears.  The clean shaven style of the Smoke Jaguars was difficult at first for the young Damon to adjust too, but over the years he has embraced the Jaguar way of life.  His Grizzly class battlemech is the only of kind among Smoke Jags in the Inner Sphere.

Star Captain Sabathia
Sabathia struggled when first becoming a Smoke Jaguar.  Always, wearing his Jaguar uniform slightly askew from the way it should be worn.  It was his way of rebelling against his new masters.  He was the last of the ten mechwarriors taken to be adopted to the Jaguars. Though his Kraken 2 is a brutal addition to the Jaguar forces on Port Arthur.

Star Commander Teixeira
Teixeira might be the best mechwarrior of those taken.  He shows an unusual patience for a Falcon warrior, which translates into his uncanny accuracy.  His performance in the Night Gyr battlemech was so impressive that the Smoke Jaguars signed a contract to purchase more of the Night Gyr chassis from the Jade Falcons.
The remainder of the Ghost Bear and Jade Falcon mechwarriors are average clan mechwarriors at best.  The only thing that makes them different is that they pilot mechs normally found among the ranks of the Bears or Falcons.

Expect to be running into these guys in the near future.  
History lesson over...
Nash out.

(OOC: OK this is really just a reason for me to throw some of my Ghost bear and Jade Falcon paint jobs on the table.  Plus it will get you a look at some different Battlemechs, before the final push with the traditional Smoke Jaguar Heavy / Assault stars.  Don't worry the rest of the Bears / Falcons are in mediums and lights)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Guide to Clan Terms

An abtakha is a captured warrior who is adopted into his new Clan as a warrior.
The batchall is the ritual by which Clan warriors issue combat challenges. Though the type of challenge varieswith each ritual, most begin by the challenger identifyong himself, stating what is contested, and requesting that the defender identify the forces at his disposal. Following tha challenge, bidding for what forces will contest the challenge takes place. Defenders may request that the attacker risk something of worth comparable to what the defender is risking in the contest.
Blooding is the ritual in which a Clan cantidate is officially recognized by his Clan, also known as "whelping" in Clan Wolf. Blooding is a complex, ritualistic ceremony. The cantidate must first demonstrate physical prowess in personal combat against two Clan warriors. Then the cantidate must be verbally defended by Clan warriors when he or she is challenges by representatives from other Clans, or else face those representatives in mortal combat.
The history of the bloodnamed warriors of a particular Bloodright is called the Bloodheritage.
Bloodname refers to the surname of each of the 800 Warriors who stood with Nicholas Kerensky during the Exodus Civil War. these 800 are the foundation of the Clans' elaborate breeding program. The right to use one of these surnames has been the ambition of every Clan warrior since the system was established. Only 25 warriors, which corresponds to 25 Bloodrights, are allowed to use any one surname at one time. When one of the 25 Bloodnamed warriors dies, a trial is held to determine who will assume that Bloodname. A contender must prove his Bloodname lineage, then win a series of duels with other competitors. Only Bloodnamed warriors are allowed to sit on the Clan Councils or are eligible to become a Khan or ilKhan. Most Bloodnames have gradually been confined to one or two warrior classes, however, certain prestigous names, such as Kerensky, have shown their genetic value by producing excellent warriors in all three classes (MechWarrior, Fighter Pilot, and Elemental). Bloodnames are determined matrilineally, at least after the original generation. Because a warrior can only inherit from his or her female parent, he or she can only have a claim to one Bloodname.
A specific Bloodname lineage is called a Bloodright. Twenty-five Bloodrights are attached to each Bloodname. A Bloodright is not a lineage as we know the term, because the warriors who successively hold a Bloodrtight might be related only through their original ancestor. As with Bloodnames, certain Bloodrights are considered more prestigous than others, depending largely on the Bloodheritage.
A captured warrior, called a bondsman, is considered a member if the laborer caste unless and untilthe capturing Clan relases him or promotes him back to warrior status. A bondsman is bound by honor, not by shackles. Custom dictates that even Bloodnamed warriors captured in combat be held for a time as bondsmen. All bondsmen wear a bondcord, a woven bracelet. The base color of the bondcord indicates to which Clan the individual belongs, and the striping indicates which unit captures him.
Clan slang for the eugenics program of the warrior caste. It can also refer specifically to the artificial wombs.
Anything or anyone who challenges the Clan caste system is consideres a chalcas.
Each Warrior;s codex is his or her individual identification. It includes the names of the original Bloodnames warriors from which a warrior is descended. It also includes his generation number, Blood House, and codex ID, an alphanumeric code nothing the unique aspects of that persons's DNA. See also Master Codex.
An agreement can be made between the commanders of two units by which the commander of one may include the units of the other in his bidding for rights to a battle or trial. During the invasion of the Inner Sphere, Cluster commanders within Galaxies frequently made contracts to allow greater, and often more extravagant, bidding, yet still maintain a good mix of BattleMech, Elemental, and fighter combat units.
A Crusader is a Clansman who expouses the invasion of the Inner Sphere and the re-establishment of the Star League by military force. Most Crusaders are contemptuous of the people of the Inner Sphere, whom they view as barbarians, and of freeborns within their own Clans as well.
The minimum force necessary to win ant trial for which there has been bidding. Bidders who can push their opponent into making a bid below the cutdown are considered clever. Commanders who win with a force smaller than the cutdown are greatly honored.
A fighting unit that disgraces itself is known as a dezgra unit. The name also refers to the ritual whereby that unit is marked and punished. Any unit that refuses orders, panics in the face of the enemy, or takes dishonorable action is disgraced. The unit warriors are given a choice: immediate execution or the dezgra, "disgraced expulsion." In pre-invasion days, dezgra warriors who chose to live were sent to one of several marginally habitable planets and left to survive or die on their own. After five years, the survivors were allowed to return, but without any guarantee of acceptance back into society. Since Tukayyid, some dezgra units have hired themselves out as mercenaries. It is highly unlikely that any Clan will accept a dezgra unit after is has served for five years as a mercenary unit, because Clan warriors consider mercenaries below even th lowest caste. Dezgra units must, by Clan law, remove all Clan markings from their weapons and uniforms and wear what historians would immediately recognize as the crest of the hated Amaris family.
Elementals are the elite, battle-suited infantry of the Clans. These men and women are giants, bred specifically to handle Clan-developed battle armor
This epithet, used by truborn members of the warrior caste, is a mortal insult to another truborn warrior. It generally expresses disgust or frustration.
Freebirth is an epithet used by truborn members of the warrior caste, generally expressing disgust or frustration. If a truborn warrior refers to another truborn as a freebirth, it is a mortal insult.
An individual concieved and born by natural means is called a freebirth. Because the Clans value their eugenics program so highly, a freebirth is automatically assumed to have little potential.
This is the sample of DNA taken from a dead warrior. The giftake is considered the warrior's best DNA sample, and the one most likely to produce improved warriors.
Victorious Clan warriors sometimes extend the courtesy of hegira to defeated opponents. Hegira allows the opponent to withdraw honorably from the field without further combat or cost.
The spoils of battle that warriors can claim as their right, including bondsman, are known as isorla.
Each Clan elects two leaders, or Khans. One serves as the Clan's senior military commander and bureaucratic administrator. The second Khan's position is less well-defind. He or she is second-in-command, carrying out duties assigned by the first Khan. The second, or junior Khan is also known as the saKhan. In times of great internal or external threat, or when a coordinated effort is required of all Clans, an ilKhan is chosen to serve as supreme ruler of the Clans.
This is a Clan war council. A Grand Kurultai is a war council of all Khans of the Clans. Apparently, a Grand Kurultai may be called only by the ilKhan at any time or place. A normal Grand Council, on the other hand, may only be convened by the petition of three or more Clans, and must be held at the Hall of Khans on Strana Mechty.
The Loremaster is the keeper of Clan laws and history. The position is honorable and politically powerful. The Loremaster plays a key role in inquiries and trials, where he is often assigned the role of Advocate or Interrogator.
The master codex is the master file of the Clans' breeding programs. The master codex records the DNA maps and codex name of every warrior born over the centuries.
The Oathmaster is the honor guard for ant official Clan ceremony. The position is similar to that of an Inner Sphere serqeant-at-arms, but it carries a greater degree of respect. Teh Oathmaster administers all oaths, and the Loremaster records them. The position of Oathmaster is usually held by the oldest Bloodnamed Warrior in a Clan (if he or she desires the honor), and is one of the few positions not decided by combat.
This is a term of respect reserved for someone of higher rank.
The vulnerability that a warrior, particularly and Elemental, feels when forced to fight without his accustomed weapons. The word is probably derived from "powerless."
These expressions are placed at the end of rhetorical questions. If an affirmative answer is expected, quiaff is used. If the answer is expected to be negative, quineg is the proper closure.
Clan custom dictates that a warrior who has been successful at his Trial of Bloodright may be rewarded with a gift by the Clan. Depending upon the warrior's success during the Trial, the ransom might range from the right to choose what type of weapon he will use as a warrior to the right to command a special unit. At the time Khan Natasha Kerensky of the Wolves returned from the Inner Sphere and then underwent her second Trial of Bloodright, ilKhan Ulric Kerensky awarded her a ransom of the right to form the Thirteenth Wolf Guards.
One of the many forms honor takes in the Clans, a rede is an honor-bound promise. Breaking a rede may be punised by death.
The Remembrance is an ongoing heroic saga detailing Clan history from the time of the Exodus from the Inner Sphere to the present day. The Remembrance is continually expanded to include contemporary events. Each Clan has a slightly different version reflecting their own opinions and experiences. All Clan warriors can quote whole verses of the marvelous epic from memory, and it is common to see passages from the book lovingly painted in the sides of OmniMechs, fighters, and even battle armor.
This term refers to a particularly gifted warrior on his or her way to high position. It is probably derived from the expression "rising star."
A Clan council may cast a veto, or satarra, to settle or postpone disputes between castes within their jurisdiction. Satarra is invoked olny when negotiations seen at an impasse and/or threaten to disrupt the work order of the Clna. It seems to be more a ritual than an act of legislation.
A Clan epithet.
This word is the ritual response voiced in unison by those witnessing solemn Clan ceremonies, rituals, and other important gatherings. No one is sure if the origin or exact meaning of the word, but it is uttered only with the greatest reverence and awe.
A sibko consists of a group of children produced from the same male and female geneparents in the warrior caste eugenics program. The members of the sibko are raised together, then begin to undergo constant testing. As various members fail at each test, they are transferred to the lower castes. A sibko consists of approximately 20 members, but usually only four or five remain at the time of the final test to become warriors., the Trial of Position. These tests and other adversities may bind the surviving "sibkin" together.
A Clan epithet, probably a combination of the Clan words stran , meaning independent, and vagon, meaning birthing.
The surkai is the Right of Forgivness. The Clans honor uniformity in thought and belief above all elsein their society. When warriors disagree, when a Clan disagrees with the Clan Council, or when a member of one caste offends a member of another caste, surkai is expected. It is a matterof pride that the offending party freely admit his wrongdoing and request punishment. Those who show great surkai are held up as examples to others for their willingness to accept the consequences of their independent thoughts. Those who do not show surkai when it is expected of them are viewed with suspicion.
The Rede of Forgivness, or surkairede, is the honor-bound agreement between the majority and any dissenters. According to the surkairede, once a dissenter accepts punishment for having disagreed with the majority, he should be allowed to resume his role in society without suffering any further disgrace for having spoken out.
The term given to the fighting arm of a Clan
Used formally, this term refers to members of an extended sibko. Less formally, a warrior will use the term trothkin when referring to someone he considers his peer.
A truborn is a product of the warrior caste's eugenics program.
A Warden is a Clansman who believes that the Clans were established to guard the Inner Sphere from outside threats rather than to conquer it and re-establish the Star League by force. Most Wardens were therefore opposed to the invasion of the Inner Sphere.
This is the Clan word describing the body of rules used to regulate and ritualize duels. Zellbrigen means that combatants engage in one-on-one duels, even if both sides have many warriors. Those not immediately challenged are honor-bound to stay out of the battle intil an opponent is free (meaning he has defeated his enemy.) To attack an enemy already engaged with an opponent is a major breach of Clan code, usually resulting in at least loss of rank.

Mission #7: Mechbay (after action)

Jagermech III (Prototype)
Ok folks here is our current status for mechs after our defense of the HPG station.

We were down to three working Mechs, a Grasshopper, a Starslayer and a Crusader.

Battlefield salvage was pretty slim, you guys did a number on the both the clan mechs you fought and your mechs.

Furlow was able to get the Daikyu up and running again with the spare parts from the mechbase we captured in our first mission.  However, it is the 01 version with the twin Ultra AC5's, rather than the 02 version we had before.

Kumiko has helped us from beyond the grave.  Her Hunchback IIC was mostly unscathed when she took the head hit.  The Hunchback IIC you guys dropped was scrap except for the head.  Furlow has cobbled those two damaged mechs together and we have a fully functioning Hunchback IIC.

Command shipped us a prototype right from the NAIS mech design lab on New Avalon.  Something called a Jagermech III....Don't ask me where the Jagermech II went...I have no clue.  Anyway check the mechbay for what she has for weapons...not a terrible design.

Next, you guys have some fans.
There is a Captain of the 4th Company of the 1st Davion Guards who is fighting up North.  Somehow his unit got a hold of the battle footage of your defense of the HPG.  Captain Pedrioa, apparently bagged a salvagable Jaguar Warhawk and no longer needs his current mech.  After seeing how Meech stood up to a star of advancing Jaguars, he thought his Black Knight 6 that he dubbed "Laser Show" should be sent down to our unit.

Yes, I know that still leaves us quite a few mechs short for the Company to be up to full strength.  Wait for it...

Finally, we no longer have to worry about defending the HPG.  Command has handed the defense (and the facility itself) over to the experts...Comstar.    The white robed techie dudes, were impressed when they saw the facility, and the clan mechs you had taken out.  So, they handed us over a Level 2 of mechs.  Who knows why they call their lance's "Level 2's".  Or why these "Level 2's" are 6 units rather than the standard 4...but I'm not complaining.  We have our first Assault mechs folks.  They gave us an Atlas and a Crockett.  Atlas is still 3025 tech, but seeing as how the upgraded Atlas has an XL engine I'm not seeing the old tech as a bad thing.  The other mechs are are a solid bunch of heavies.  Flashman, Guillotine, Champion, and Exterminator.  Most of these mechs have some new tech, key word being some.  Note the lack of CASE on most of them.

We are also on the heavy side now, I requested a light scout mech through command...seems they are in short supply at this time.  Guess we will have to bag a Clan Light if we want another one on our roster any time soon.

Anyway here is the mechbay...

Nash out.

OOC:  Time to get picking...

As mentioned in the prior is the selection order.
1) Mitch (Blue Falcon, jumps over Fab)
2) Fab (Dead Mechwarrior rule)
3) Jay (Tied with Kyle...tie breaker goes to Kyle with more kills in the last mission, but Jay uses BF)
4) Kyle
5) Scott
6) Larry
7) Dereck
8) Gregg (BF over Derek)
9) Jeff  (BF over Derek...ouch)
10) Lee (BF over Derek...ummm, wow)
11) Derek (who must be sore)

EDIT:  adding Clan salvage sheet.