Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mission #7: Killboard, Roster and Mech Selection order

Well done boys!  That was a close one, you managed to drop both Clan Stars at a pretty high price. Maverick will be missed, but the stand he made in his Penetrator against Star Captain Gehrig in his Warhammer IIC was epic.  It was unfortunate he was under that bridge when his ammo cooked off triggering his ejection.

First up the Killboard. This is it set in stone, don't like it too bad.  Kills are awarded for bold actions, doing or saying something that makes most or everyone in the room laugh, and whenever I feel like it.  Anyways here it is for Mission #7.

And the current mech roster.  Command will be sending us a replacement for Maverick.  (OOC: If you have a yellow area next to your name, you need to let me know what you would like added or changed.  Meaning, Larry, Scott and Fab...Do you want the 3 gunnery or maybe drop your piloting by 2.  Also Larry and Scott I need your veteran skill from the skill page.  You may take a 3rd regular skill if you wish...dunno why but you never know.  Likewise Fab, need your three skills.  I need the skills BEFORE I release the list of new mechs you will be getting, so please get picking.  Email me your selections or reply to the blog.  Also Dereck, if you write up your character dossier you can bump up to 10 kills and have all the benefits...3 gunnery, and 3rd skill.)

 More OOC:  We had 5 players help me push Smoke Jaguar mechs, but I didn't keep track of how many player kills those guys to be fair I'm awarding 1 Blue Falcon award for each of those 5 (Mitch, Jay, Jeff, Gregg and Lee.)  So when we have the new is the selection order.

1) Mitch (Blue Falcon, jumps over Fab)
2) Fab (Dead Mechwarrior rule)
3) Jay (Tied with Kyle...tie breaker goes to Kyle with more kills in the last mission, but Jay uses BF)
4) Kyle
5) Scott
6) Larry
7) Dereck
8) Gregg (BF over Derek)
9) Jeff  (BF over Derek...ouch)
10) Lee (BF over Derek...ummm, wow)
11) Derek (who must be sore)

So here we are...Skill guys, pick your skills and then I'll tell you what new mechs command is shipping us.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mission #7: Meech gets a mech...

  So the player that was to have the 1st pick for mechs was going to be out of town for our March event.  Knowing this rather than secure the best mech, Meech skipped his pick, and I told him he could have 1st pick next mission, no matter what.  But then I got sick and we bumped the event a week and Meech can make it.  So rather than having everyone re-pick, I threw 4 mechs out there for Meech to pick from.

Tried to pick mechs that somewhat fit his skills (Laser, Brawling, PPC)
Here is the Email I sent him... 

Giving you 4 to choose from. (Two 80 tonners, and two 75)..tried to select ones that fit your skills or that you might like.  Figure that any one of these might have been taken by you before the Marauder.

Hatamoto-Hi (2 PPC, 4 MPL, one hand, easy upgrade to CM mech if you guys land another c3 master computer, most armor by far) Kurita paint job

Zues 9S (ERPPC, ERLL, LRM15, MPL, MPL <rear>) no hands, ok not really in your skills area[standard engine, lots of armor, great range] Davion green or Steiner blue white paint job

Black Knight 6  (PPC, 2LL, 4ML, 2 hands) This one can use all your skills, wanted to give you an option with two hands for brawling.  Only 20 regular HS so heat can be an issue with this one, but base to base you could shoot 2 ll, 2ml and punch twice.  Comstar white, Davion green or a merc Steel grey paint job.

Falconer (Gauss, ERPPC, 4 ML, fastest of the bunch, no hands) has 10 Double shows only single hs and is wrong.  Only one of the 4 with an XL engine, but also moves 5/8/5 where the others are slower. Davion Green paint job.

I expect to hear from Meech any time now.  I think I gave him some good alternatives to the Marauder.  
So which one do you guys think he should take?