Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sit Rep, Mission #10

(Captain Nash talking via open comm line, providing information and compiling all the info from the whole company)

We are approaching the Star Port from the heavily wooded western side.  Seems there are hot on the heels of some of the Jaguars.  Signs all about of some very large mechs having recently come through this wooded area.

You are approaching the treeline now.  Should be mostly open terrain to the Star Port from here...

(Player mechs clear the treeline to see.....)

Holy!  That's quite the tonnage...and markings show that both Galaxy commanders are in those stars.  Jeter is on the left, Ruth on the right.  Don't let those two reach that dropship!  If they do, make sure that Dropship doesn't leave!  Go Go Go!

OOC:  Just one table this time.  You guys will move onto the table with your first move along the near table edge.  Gonna be brutal.  ;)

Friday, June 3, 2011

One week away...

One week away from the final battle of Operation Bulldog.

Here are the updated documents...

First the Mechwarrior Roster:

Next the Mech Bays:
Finally a little walk down memory lane...remembering when you you didn't have the nice rides that you now have...

Looking forward to the 10th.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Marauder IIC

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Marauder IIC

Mech Class: Assault

Weight: 85 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

The Marauder IIC is based upon one of the most iconic BattleMechs in existence, the Marauder. It is ten tons heavier than its Inner Sphere cousin and is a great deal more powerful thanks to Clan technology. The 'Mech carries eleven and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor on an Endo Steel frame. It is to the credit of its engineers that no production variants appeared until a wellspring of new technology emerged in the 3050s and '60s.

The Marauder IIC is armed with three of one of the most powerful weapons in the Clan arsenal, the ER PPC. An enterprising MechWarrior can use volley fire to keep up a steady barrage. When enemies close, the IIC can add a pair of Medium Pulse Lasers and four ER Small Lasers to its already-destructive firepower. Twenty-one double heat sinks keep heat levels manageable.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  Very Nice machine.  Same weight class as the Warhawk and just as deadly.  Dangerous at all ranges. 
(OOC: Ok I realized that I had not put one of these on the table yet, and it is a rare chance that I get to run what I consider one of the best looking mechs in the game.  So I took out the Warhawk Posada was in and placed him in a Mad IIC instead)

Tech Readout:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mission #10: Mission Briefing

Mission 10: Catch a Jaguar

Jags are in full retreat off of Port Arthur.  Your job is to prevent the commanders from getting off world.  Your work is cut out for you...

Primary Objectives:
+ Prevent the Jaguar Officers from getting offworld.

Mission Briefing:
We have secured Port Arthur.  however that was only part of the job set before us.  Our Primary goal in all is the elimination of Clan Smoke Jaguar as a fighting force.  To let any of them escape will only mean more fighting for us or others in the future.  We have them on the ropes, and can potentially eliminate two Galaxy Commanders here on Port Arthur.

Satellite recon shows they have abandon their HQ, and large mech facility and are falling back to their Star Port.  Our Fleet assets are evenly matched with what the Jaguars have in orbit, so attempting to intercept them in space will be risky.  Best chance for success is to catch them here on the ground.   
Expected Jaguar forces:
Dire Wolf Prime: Galaxy Commander Ruth (1/2)
Stone Rhino (Behemoth): Star Colonel DiMaggio (2/3)
Executioner (Gladiator): Star Captain Mantel (2/3)
Highlander IIC: Star Captain Maris (2/3)
Warhammer IIC: Star Commander Jackson (2/3)

Warhawk C: Galaxy Commander Jeter (1/2)
Phoenix Hawk IIC: Star Captain Arod (2/3)
Marauder IIC: Star Commander Posada (2/3)
Night Gyr Prime: Star Commander Teixeira (2/3)
Kodiak: Star Captain Johnson (2/3)

Broadsword Class

Good Luck!
Nash out. 

OOC: No ECM in the your C3 will be working so long as the C3Masters stay up.  Will be playing on just one 6' x 4' table.  You guys will be entering from the short edge.  Clanners will be already on the table and attempting get to the Dropship that is near the opposite short table edge.  Wide open terrain for the most part.

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Broadsword Dropship

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Dropship

Name: Broadsword

Class: Aerodyne

Weight: 1850 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

Developed by Clan Sea Fox shortly before they became Clan Diamond Shark to replace the venerable Leopard-class, the Broadsword-class is superficially similar to the older design but has been redesigned to carry five OmniMechs as per Clan military structure.

The Broadsword features a balanced blend of speed, firepower and armor superior to its parent design, making it well suited to raiding or reconnaissance missions. The craft's only lack is integral AeroSpace Fighter support like that carried by the Leopard, a choice forced by the need to carry an additional 'Mech. The versatile and reliable craft is in use in the toumans of most Clans, though Clan Steel Viper field the lion-share after successfully staging a Trial of Possession for the Diamond Shark's Marshall yards.

The Broadsword features an effective armament for its size, with twin ER Large Lasers and ER PPCs, a Artemis IV FCS equipped LRM-20 and single Medium Pulse Laser mounted in its nose bays, support by twin LRM-20 launchers, a trio of Medium Pulse Lasers and a single Small Pulse Laser in each wing. Aft firepower is all short-range with a another Medium Pulse Laser carried between two Streak SRM-6 launchers. Ten tons of LRM and four tons of Streak missiles give the Broadswords missile launchers reasonable endurance, though only a single ton of reloads for its nose-mounted Anti-Missile System can quickly leave it open to attacks from enemy launchers.

The Broadsword is built around its ability to transport a complete OmniMech Star, but is somewhat restricted by its legacy of being based on the Leopard. The four side-bays are relatively identical to those of its aging father, with the fifth bay sitting within the craft's nose in the approximate position of the Lepoards two fighter bays. This problematic arrangement causes headaches for the technicians assigned to look after the 'Mech in the nose bay, as only the smallest 'Mech parts can fit through the internal passageway linking the other bays. Worse, the Broadsword’s main cargo bay is located on the vessel’s upper deck, which can only be reached via a pair of stairways, thus most of the vessel’s cargo must be manually transported between decks.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  As we all know...the weak point of a drop ship is her engines.  Get around to the back side and take out an engine to keep these birds on the ground.

Mission #10: Prelude

Setting: Port Arthur, Southern Hemisphere, Smoke Jaguar HQ, Meeting Den.  Galaxy Commander Jeter is addressing the troops. 

Galaxy Commander Jeter:
Firebase Gamma was lost.  We have also heard that Draconis Combine forces have landed in the northern hemisphere and have overrun our Galaxy there.  We are all that remain of the Jaguar on Port Arthur. I need a status report of your mechs and their battle worthiness.

Star Captain Arod: Phoenix Hawk IIC ready

Star Commander Posada:
(To Arod) You got to replace that thing.
(To group) Marauder IIC ready to go.

Star Commander Teixeira:
Night Gyr Prime, ready for combat.

Star Captain Johnson:
Kodiak fully repaired and reloaded

Galaxy Commander Jeter:
Good, I'm expecting an attack here at the HQ.  No more falling back, no more retreating, We are Jaguars, we do not Run!  We will hold them here then...

The double doors to the meeting den burst open as Jeter is talking...

Galaxy Commander Ruth:
(Walks through doors followed by his command star of Mechwarriors, Interrupting Jeter mid sentence)
We will do no such thing Galaxy Commander. We have new orders from our Khan.

Galaxy Commander Jeter:
Ah, the frightened cub has come south after failing his duties in the north and now expects to hide behind the orders of his Khan...

Star Captain Mantel:
(Striding aggressively toward Jeter)
How dare you speak to Ruth that way...

Star Captain Maris:
(Catches up to Mantel and places hand on his shoulder to hold him back)
Easy Mick...Easy.

Star Colonel DiMaggio:
I'm sure the Galaxy Commander has forgotten that Galaxy Commander Ruth has overall command here on Port Arthur.


Star Commander Jackson:
Understandable mistake.  What have his forces been facing?  A lone company of inner sphere warriors, a reserve unit at that.  He would have had plenty of time to growl orders out to his troops.

Both stars of Jaguar warriors advance on each other except the Galaxy Commanders.  Just as punches are about to be thrown...

Galaxy Commander Ruth:
ENOUGH!  We are withdrawing....not only from Port Arthur but from the Inner sphere all together.

All the Jaguar warriors stop in their tracks looking at Ruth with mouths agape, wondering if they heard him correctly.

Galaxy Commander Ruth:
Khan Lincoln Osis commands that all Jaguar forces are to withdraw from the Inner Sphere and make for the Clan homeworlds.  Our enemies plan has been uncovered...the do not intend to just beat us, they intend to wipe out our Clan.  As poorly as we have fared here on Port Arthur many planets have already fallen to the counter attack.  We must fall back in order to save our Clan.  To stay and fight will only weaken us to the point of our doom.  That is all...Dismissed

The Jaguar warriors look at each other and slowly leave the room with slumped shoulders and puzzled looks of disbelief, wondering where it had all gone so wrong...

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Executioner (Gladiator)

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Executioner (Gladiator)

Mech Class: Assault

Weight: 95 Tons

Tech Base: Clan Omni

Fast and powerful, the Executioner, known as the Gladiator in the Inner Sphere, is an assault OmniMech often deployed by Clan Ghost Bear. Though originally produced by Clan Ghost Bear, design schematics for the Executioner were actually acquired in a trial with Clan Burrock (sometime after the Ghost Bears began to acquire and develop Omni-technology in 2873).

The Executioner took time to develop from the schematics, however, as the Ghost Bears originally decided to splice the design with the Kodiak BattleMech (still in the planning stages), creating an Omni-Totem 'Mech. When the two designs were eventually deemed too incompatible in early prototypes, the projects were split again, quickly creating the Executioner and eventually creating the rugged second-line totem Kodiak BattleMech. The only other Clans who have had great success with producing configurations of the Executioner were the Smoke Jaguars and the Burrocks, who drew up the original blue prints.

Using a massive Heavy Force 380 XL Engine, the Executioner has a top speed of 64.8 km/h. A MASC system enhances the top speed to 86.4 km/h (albeit only in short bursts), and four permanently mounted Pryzhok WM10 jump jets give the 'Mech the ability to propel itself 120 meters into the air. This unusual emphasis on speed gives the Executioner unmatched speed for its weight class, as it is often capable of keeping up with 'Mechs twenty or thirty tons lighter than itself. The Executioner also carries thirteen and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, which is below average for its weight class, but generally adequate. Sixteen double heat sinks are mounted to cool the 'Mech down.

The Executioner's primary configuration uses its mobility to keep enemies as far away as possible. A Gauss Rifle is the 'Mech's primary weapon, backed up by dual ER Large Lasers, which give it excellent direct firepower. For use against soft targets and possibly any light vehicles that manage to close the ranges, the Executioner carries two Machine Guns. This makes the 'Mech very effective in an open battlefield, but makes it virtually useless should it encounter a faster enemy with enough firepower, or a physical barrier.

* Alt. Config. A - The Executioner A equips the 'Mech with much needed close-range firepower. Three Large Pulse Lasers can inflict excellent damage, and are more accurate, to compensate for any jumping the Executioner A may be doing. Four ER Medium Lasers back this up, and this configuration also carries the Machine Guns of the primary configuration.

* Alt. Config. B - The Executioner B is configured to be able to engage an enemy at any range. For long range combat, the 'Mech carries a deadly ER PPC. When an enemy closes ranges, the Executioner B has a rapid-fire, and also deadly Ultra Autocannon/20, which is backed by an ER Medium Laser. To shield the 'Mech from indirect fire, the Executioner B also mounts an Anti-Missile System.

* Alt. Config. C - Armed in a similar vein as the B configuration, the Executioner C mounts an LRM-20 missile rack as a long-range, indirect-fire weapon. An Artemis IV FCS is attached to the LRM for increased accuracy. The Executioner C also carries an Ultra Autocannon/20, which is also backed by a laser, although it has been downgraded to an ER Small Laser. A Targeting Computer is attached to the laser and autocannon, greatly improving their accuracy.

* Alt. Config. D - Another close combat configuration, the Executioner D mounts a plethora of various pulse laser weapons, which have increased accuracy to compensate for the movement the Executioner D will likely be doing. The right arm mounts a Large Pulse Laser as a primary weapon-- this is supported by an additional three Medium Pulse Lasers, and the support is supported by an array of five Small Pulse Lasers. An ER Small Laser provides some more variation, and the Executioner D also mounts two SRM-6 racks to exploit-or more accurately, explode-breaches in enemy armor. However, no additional heat sinks are mounted, and the 'Mech may overheat if too many weapons are fired at once. 

Captain Nash's Analysis:  In a Heavy mech I would be afraid of this thing.  In an Assault, I would knock it down and move on to a more dangerous target.

Tech Readout: