Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Locust IIC

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Locust IIC

Mech Class: Light

Weight: 25 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

One of the best known BattleMechs in the Inner Sphere for its low production and operation costs, the Locust is also well known in the Clans. In 2832, Clan Mongoose unleashed an upgraded version of the venerable 'Mech on the Clans, known as the Locust IIC. The speedy design complemented Mongoose tactics, enabling them to win many Trials. When Clan Smoke Jaguar absorbed the Mongooses, they became the owners of the production line on Circe. Since it is a second-line unit Inner Sphere MechWarriors rarely see it in action.

Designed as a fast and light reconnaissance vehicle, the Locust was also tasked with fast-strike raids and at least became a front-line unit in the Inner Sphere. Larger than the original Locust, the IIC gives MechWarriors comparable speed with more protection and terrifying offensive capabilities. The main armament consists of a Medium Pulse Laser, flanked by eight Extended Range Small Lasers, allowing the Locust to be an excellent anti-infantry BattleMech with capabilities to harass heavier BattleMechs. Its larger size also allows it to be a more durable weapon platform, the Locust IIC is a far more difficult enemy than its Inner Sphere twin.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  You folks have already faced one of these guys.  Just realized you never saw the dossier on it.   Might just be the scariest 25 ton mech ever created.  Keep it at arms reach and you should be ok.  When those eight ER small lasers come into play is when it gets ugly. 

Tech Readout:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mission #7: Prelude

Setting: Port Arthur, Southern Hemisphere, Smoke Jaguar Firebase Gamma, Primary Communications Room.  One week after the assault on his Firebase, Star Captain Gehrig is contacted by Star Colonel Giambi.

Star Colonel Giambi: Well Done Star Captain.  It pleases me that you have Firebase Gamma back up to 100%.  Now tell me of your mechwarriors and their mechs.  I have a mission for you.

Star Captain Gehrig: Sanders is fine. His Mad Dog was mostly untouched during the assault.  Sax took some significant damage in his Huntsman, but that was repaired as of yesterday.  "Tommy John" took some engine damage with his Summoner, but he took priority in the repair bay and should be fully repaired by tomorrow.  Wells is in need of a replacement, his Hellbringer was a total loss.  My Timberwolf is now being repaired, but it most likely will not be ready for about a week.

Star Colonel Giambi:  A week is too long.  My plan is for you to strike the HPG the day after tomorrow.  I'll be sending you two replacement mechs...

Star Captain Gehrig:  (Holding up his hand, interrupting Giambi) Star Colonel, I only need the one for Wells.  I still have the "Iron Horse". 

Star Colonel Giambi:  You still have that relic?  I have told you numerous times a non-omni mech is beneath your station.  You should be rid of this "Iron Horse".  It is from a bygone era, and better technology is available to you.

Star Captain Gehrig:  Respectfully Star Colonel, I am a Star Captain thanks to that relic.  Furthermore, I believe that in an assault, such as the one you are planning, the "Iron Horse" will perform better than a Timberwolf.  I feel a measure of a warrior is how he uses the tools gifted to him, not through the use of performance enhancing technology.  Just a replacement mech for Mechwarrior Wells, thank you.

Star Colonel Giambi:  Very well.  (Grinning to himself) Oh, I have just the replacement for that dezgra warrior.  He will never sit in an omni-mech again under my command.

Star Captain Gehrig:  It will matter little to that one.  I believe he is beyond caring... so long as after the battle, his platter full of food and his cup full of ale.  

Star Colonel Giambi:  Bah! I would ship him back to Huntress if the means available. (pauses briefly, looks down over his notes)  I'm also sending you a unit to join in the assault.  Star Commander Mattingly and the rest of his star should be arriving at Firebase gamma in a couple of hours.  Use them as you see fit.  They have recently been reassigned from the north and I know little of them...(looks up and in a sacrastic tone) Other than they pilot second line mechs, so you should feel right at home with them and your "Iron Horse".   I'll contact you in eight hours with the details of your assault on the HPG.  Giambi out. (Screen goes blank)

Star Captain Gehrig:  (shakes head, rolls eyes.  Then pushes an intercom button, which broadcasts to the entire firebase.)   This is Star Captain Gehrig,  We have a Star of Jaguar mechs inbound, should be here withing the next two hours.  Furthermore, would all mechwarriors report to the briefing room immediately, we have a mission. 

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Warhammer IIC

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Warhammer IIC

Mech Class: Assault

Weight: 80 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

The original Warhammer was designed as an assault BattleMech. However, it had been overrun by heavier 'Mechs, though it remained a powerful weapons platform. The Clans wisely maintained and built on this solid frame a real assault 'Mech, the Warhammer IIC. Thanks to their technological expertise, they were able to add ten tons with the same speed and firepower. The Warhammer IIC is built on an Endo Steel frame and is protected by twelve tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. The result is a dangerous 'Mech, able to hold its own in any battle against the Inner Sphere.

Paired Mk. XVII ER PPCs allow the Warhammer IIC to inflict fifty percent more damage than the regular Successor States' PPCs. Added to an SRM-6 launcher and five Medium Pulse Lasers, this firepower overwhelms most 'Mechs of equal or lesser tonnage. Twenty double heat sinks keep the design relatively cool.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  It's going to start getting scary from this point on.  First of the Jaguar Clan assault mechs you guys will probably face.  Too bad you did such a number on Star Captain Gehrig's Mad Cat, recon satellites have confirmed that one of these beasts is his back up ride.  Recommendation, given the choice I would stay at range with this monster.  The twin ERPPC's are scary, but not so much as the 5 Medium Pulse Lasers, ERPPC and SRM6 it unloads when she gets close. 

Tech Readout:

Mission #7: Mechs selected

Mechs have been chosen for Mission #7.  We will be defending the HPG firebase that we took from the Nova Cats.  There were a lot of good mechs to be taken.  A little surprised both the Warhammer and the Catapult fell through, but there really wasn't a bad choice in the bunch.

 A walk down memory lane, just showing the mechs you guys had used up to this point.

Current Mechwarrior Roster.  Larry is just a short story and an image away from having his 10th kill, Resetting his spawn point to 10, and earning his 3rd skill.  Four of you have the sensor skill...That will make any city fight we may have quite a bit easier.

Mitch will be out.  Fab landed a new job, so not sure of his schedule yet.  Might be a smaller group than normal.  Hopefully we have seen the end of the sub zero temps too.