Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mission #9: Mechbay & C3 Network

So the Mechs are in, upgraded and ready to rock.  Mitch took the K version of the Atlas making the C3 choice much easier.

So come game night you guys can choose how to set up the C3 network.  There are three C3 Masters.  Battlemaster, Naginata and Gunslinger each have one.  Two of them will be the lance C3Master...linking the 3 mechs in their lance.  The last will be a member of one of those lances, and Link both lances together so they can share the targeting data.  I would make the Naginata the Company C3master and keep it back as it has the best range and weakest armor of the three.

Here is my suggested breakdown o the lances...

Command lance:  Naginata (C3M Company), Gunslinger (C3M Lance), Mauler, Hatamoto Chi

Spotter Lance: Battlemaster (C3M Lance), Crusader, Warhammer, Venom

Assault Lance: Kraken, Atlas, Flashman, Black Knight

That way the whole command lance is moving at 3/5 where the spotter lance is in a better position with their faster speed to move up and provide targeting data.  For the record,...if that Venom ever has something less than a 3 on the movement die...expect it to be a smoking wreck the next turn.

I would put all the non-C3 mechs in an Assault lance and have them draw fire as you advance (staying out of cover).  That will keep the fire off the C3 and provide better accuracy once the Spotters get within 10" of a target.

Don't forget to drop the Loki early, should be a primary target for all of you.  That ECM it has makes all that fancy C3 tech worthless as along as it is functioning.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mission #9: Mission Briefing

Mission 9: Capture the Firebase, Take Two, this time with feeling.

Firebase Gamma. The one black mark of the 7th's campaign on Port Arthur.  Time to erase that mark.   

Primary Objectives:
+ Eliminate all opposing Jaguar forces at firebase.

Mission Briefing:
Most of you have been here before...Lets get it right this time.
We will approach from the south again.  Figure about the same amount of defenses.  Try not to act like a chorus line when approaching the firebase this time and we should be fine.
Here is a review for the new members of the 7th.

There are two walls around the firebase.  
The outermost is rounded on the top so it will be almost impossible for your mechs to stand on.  Not sure if it would support the weight of a mech anyway.  Use it as cover, jump over, climb over, or destroy a section to continue your push.  It is short wall and should only come to the waist level of your mechs.

The innermost is on the firebase itself.  This one appears to be built right into the terrain, and will be impossible to destroy a section.  Estimates are that each wall section could support at least 500 tons.

Get in there and dig them out.  Eliminate or rout all Jaguar forces from the area.  The Jags are running out of areas to fall back to, so expect them to fight viciously to hold this post.

Expected Jaguar forces:
Timberwolf A: Star Captain Gehrig (2/3)
Shogun C: Star Captain Rivera (2/3)
Warhawk A: Mechwarrior Burnett (2/3)
Rifleman IIC: Mechwarrior Sanders (3/4)
Loki Prime: Mechwarror Sax (3/4)

Demolisher Heavy Tank (Clan): (3/4)
LRM Carrier: (4/5)
LRM Carrier: (4/5)
Schrek PPC Carrier: (4/5)
Schrek PPC Carrier: (4/5)

Star Colonel Giambi's Point: Small Lasers (2/1)
Star Commander Winfield's Point: Small Lasers (2/3)
Point 3: Small Lasers (3/4) 
Point 4: Small Lasers (3/4)
Point 5: Small Lasers (3/4) 
Automated Turrets:
The South East and North West corners of the firebase are protected by a pair of turrets.
One of the pair has a Clan ER Large Laser, the other has an LRM 20 launcher.
There appears to be a structure on the northside of the firebase that may power these turrets.  Scan the building to see if dropping it will take out all 4 of the turrets.

Good Luck!
Nash out. 
OOC: You guys actually have a BV advantage this time through, and that was before I added in the bonus to your BV that you get with an active C3 network.  Clanners have 7 potential head capping weapons (2 Mad Cat, 2 Loki, 2 Demolisher, 1 Shogun C).  Use your thick armor to your advantage.  You guys are SLOW, most of your mechs are 3/ keep moving.  Drop the Loki soon, cause it has an ECM that will mess up your C3.  LRM Carriers will be easy to drop, to help get the numbers back in your favor.  Turrets take 20 points each, building that runs them takes 40 points.  May 20th is the date.  Still need to know which Atlas Mitch is taking, then I can post your rosters and we align the C3 company into lances.