Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mission Briefing: Mission #2

Mission 2:Rescue the Raven

Primary Objectives:
+ Cross river to search for two Davion Mechwarriors
+ Locate Private Merloni in his Raven Battlemech
+ Locate Sargent Garciparra in his Catapult Battlemech
+ Return across river to Extraction point.

Secondary Objectives:
+ Destroy all Smoke Jaguar forces encountered
+ Locate supply crates and return with them to Extraction point.

Mission Briefing:
Two of our guys are trapped in Smoke Jag territory.  They have gotten to a river which the Raven will need a bridge to cross (Catapult has Jump Jets).  They are waiting for us to help escort them back across the river to our area of operations.

1)     Cross river to search for two Davion Mechwarriors.  Two Bridges lead to the area that we believe they are in.

2)     Locate Merloni and Garciparra. They are hiding in some wooded areas that over look two Smoke Jaguar Facilities.  They will remain in a near shutdown state to avoid detection until they are discovered or you folks are close enough to escort them back across the river.

3)      Return across river to extraction point.   The Raven doesn't have Jump jets, So don't think about taking those bridges out until after the Raven has crossed them.

4)  Secure some supplies (optional).  Merloni was able to scan the larger of the two facilities without being detected, seems that it is a weapons repair facility.  Should be some crates ready to snatch up.  He was not sure what was in the other facility, but did see some crates outside.

5) Destroy Smoke Jaguar forces (optional)  Big picture, we are her to take down the Smoke Jags.  That job will be a lot easier down the road with a Raven and a Catapult among our ranks.  Getting those boys to safety takes priority over inflicting damage for this mission.  

Expected Jaguar forces:
Merloni has seen two stars of Clan mechs patrolling the area.  Safe bet that are searching for our guys and will respond quickly to the area when we show up. 

The first seemed like a Solahama unit mostly made up of mostly inner sphere mechs.
Locust IIC, Firestarter, Assassin, Spider, Commando

The Second seemed like a front line unit.  Probably all Jaguar Regulars.
Shadow Cat, Peregrine, Hankyu, Koshi, Firefly-C

Merloni also noticed an increase in Aerospace activity over the last  24 hours.  Guessing they are closing in on finding our guys.

Good Luck!

- Nash out -

Mission #2: Recon Photos

Here are the Recon photos of the area Merloni and Garciaparra are hiding in. (Each image clickable for larger view)
The insertion point.  Bridges are rated at 120CF, so don't overload them or you will be swimming home.  The intersection shown here is also your extraction point.

We believe our boys are hiding in the trees in the lower left of this picture.  You will note the two Jag facilities in the area.  Your entry is in the upper right.  

Merloni reports this is some sort of Smoke Jag weapon repair facility.  Should be some crates in this area. 

Merloni is unsure what this building does.  Also note the third bridge, this one will not lead you back to our area.  Note the impassible hills with the white rocks.

Mission Briefing should be up in the next couple days.

Nash out.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bridges, Rivers, Impassible terrain and rules for Scanning Crates

Here are the details on a few rules that will come up for Mission #2.

Scanning Crates:
As was described in the last rules section, you will be able to pick up crates and bring them back to our base.  You will be able to scan the crates before you pick them up to see the contents.  Here is how this will work.

At the start of the turn, after init but before movement you may make a scan attempt.  You just need to make a sucessful Piloting check to know the contents of any crate within your scan range and within line of sight.

Your scan range is 12", +12" if you have an Active Probe on your mech, +12" for every level of sensor skill you have.  So if you have the Sensor Basic skill and an Active Probe mech, you have a scan range of 36".  Yes you may relay your scan results to your teammates.

Typically the small crates contain 5 tons of equipment or less, Large crates will contain more than 5 tons.
A successful scan will reveal the exact contents of of the crate.

Bridges like buildings have a CF (Construction Factor).   This CF determines how much damage the structure can take before collapsing.  It also represents how much weight the structure can hold.  So an undamaged bridge with a CF of 120, could take 120 points of damage or support 120 tons of units on it before collapsing.  Ex: A bridge with 40 CF has a 20 ton battlemech standing on it.  If the building take 20 points of damage or another 20 ton mech moves onto it, the bridge would immediately collapse.

For Mission #2, the rivers essentially 3 levels deep, 2 levels of water and one level of cliff like riverbanks.
Jumpjets do not work underwater.  So anything that falls into the river will be considered mission killed.

Impassible Terrain:
For Mission #2 there is a ridge line of hills that are impassible terrain.  You may jump over but may not end your movement on these hills.

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Elemental Battle Armor

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battle Armor 

Name: Elemental

Weight: 1 Ton

Tech Base: Clan

The standard against which all battle armor is measured, the Elemental battle armor was first introduced in 2868 by Clan Wolf in a Trial of Possession against the Nova Cats. It was a marvel of Clan  engineering that allowed a small group of Clan Elementals to take down large 'Mechs and survive the encounter. While it is possible for a normal-sized human to use the battle armor, this design is tailored for the Clans' giant Elemental warriors and only they can bring out its fullest potential.

Clan Elemental Battle Armor mounts one primary and one secondary weapon, plus a detachable SRM-2  pack. If two missiles are fired, the trooper may aim them at the same target or at two different targets that both lie within the firer's forward 90-degree firing arc. The launcher holds a total of four missiles. Once the missiles have been expended the launcher may be jettisoned, improving mobility. The suit is also equipped with a strong manipulative claw that adds to the melee attack damage as well as to climbing the target 'Mech. The modular weapon mount may accommodate a variety of heavy weapons, including a Small Laser, Flamer, or Machine Gun. The anti-personnel weapon mount carries a projectile weapon that is effective against unarmored targets, such as a sub-machine gun.

The roots of the Elemental battle armor can be traced back to pressurized diving suits built by Clan Goliath Scorpion. These underwater suits already had most of the basic equipment common to current battle armor designs: myomer musculature, self-contained air-supply and life support systems, and heavy, atmospherically sealed bodies designs to handle extreme conditions. Clan Wolf  saw the diving suit's potential and began to convert some they had acquired for combat, adding on armor, weapons, and small jump jets.

After the first use of the armor in 2868 against the Nova Cats, the Wolves entered into a series of trials later that year with Clan Hell's Horses. The Wolves put their new battle armor up against the Hell's Horses genetically engineered infantry, the precursor to the modern Clan Elemental. When the trials were over, the Hell's Horses had won the Wolves battle armor technology, and the Wolves had gotten the needed information to breed their own Elementals. Almost immediately, each Clan combined their own technology with that of the other, creating the tradition of matching Elemental troops with battle armor. Within a short period of time, battle armored Elemental troop deployments spread across Clan forces.
Captain Nash's Mission #2 Analysis:  It is safe to say eventually we will be running into some Elementals.  My advice is not not let them get close.  If they get on your mech they will get through the armor.  So keep them at range if possible.  An Elemental suit has been known to shrug off the blast of a PPC, or remain functioning after two shots from a medium laser.  They also don't hold to the Clan dueling code, so they will swarm you with multiple squads if they can.  Guess they figure attacking something at least 20 times their size is honorable enough.
  There is one effective tactic if a squad of elementals are assaulting your mech and climbing the way to your cockpit.  Stop, drop and roll.  Knocks them off every time.
Tech Readout: