Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sit Rep, Mission #10

(Captain Nash talking via open comm line, providing information and compiling all the info from the whole company)

We are approaching the Star Port from the heavily wooded western side.  Seems there are hot on the heels of some of the Jaguars.  Signs all about of some very large mechs having recently come through this wooded area.

You are approaching the treeline now.  Should be mostly open terrain to the Star Port from here...

(Player mechs clear the treeline to see.....)

Holy!  That's quite the tonnage...and markings show that both Galaxy commanders are in those stars.  Jeter is on the left, Ruth on the right.  Don't let those two reach that dropship!  If they do, make sure that Dropship doesn't leave!  Go Go Go!

OOC:  Just one table this time.  You guys will move onto the table with your first move along the near table edge.  Gonna be brutal.  ;)