Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mission #3: After Action Report

Smoke Jags hit the farm in Six groups of three waves to assault the two farms.

The first wave had groups a Hunter Light missile tank and a Pegasus Hover tank, being led by a mech attacking each of the farms  The Assassin and Spider from the last game were the two mechs leading their units.  The hover tanks flew down the river attempting to flank the farms.  Players moved up to intercept the LRM tanks and mechs.

The second wave had a Manticore and Patton tank coming in from each roadway corner.  Two Condor Hover tanks came in as well down the river.  Players were doing ok at this point.  P-Hawk had taken an 11 hex charge from a Spider, costing the Phawk most of it's weaponry.

  The third wave was three clan mechs.  A Shadow Cat, Howler 3, and Jenner IIC.  Farms were pretty beat up, with three of the four buildings falling to the clanners.  Shot of the night went to Jeff in the Shadow Hawk - K.  Took out the Targeting computer on the Howler on the first PPC exchange.

  Tanks had the orders to shoot at the farms unless an enemy unit was closer.  LRM tanks had orders to take out the farms first.  Mechs were to take on enemy forces and leave the farms to the tanks.  (Edit: Tanks would bypass the closer mech targeting priority if that target had been challenged by a Clan Mech.  This explains why the Condor didn't shoot at Scott, but finished off the farmhouse toward the end.)

  Shadow Cat made some friends, disarming the player Koshi, coring the Phoenix Hawk and all but finishing the Wyvern (One CT internal left).  Then with the remaining forces closing in on him, he fell back to fight another day.  

  Salvage, Killboard and mech roster coming soon.

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