Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mission Briefing: Mission #4

Centurion CN9-A
Mission 4: Rescue Kumiko

Scramble! Scramble! Scramble!  Time to put those new Mechs to use.

Primary Objectives:
+ Locate Tsi-i Kumiko Matusuzaka in her Hunchback IIC Battlemech
+ Return to Extraction point with Kumiko and her Hunchback IIC (if possible).

Secondary Objectives:
+ Destroy all Smoke Jaguar forces encountered to secure Clan salvage.
+ Locate supply crates and return with them to Extraction point.

Mission Briefing:
  Scramble!  Got a distress call from a former Drac captain by the name of Kumiko Matuzuzaka.  Short story, she was a bondwoman for the Jags and has made a break for it in a Hunchback IIC.  We have a rough idea of where we can meet up with her if we march right now.
  Head South-Southeast, I'll upload the exact coordinates to your mechs in route.  Looks like there is one of Port Arthur's infamous deep rivers in the area we may find her.  Two bridges that should hold no more than a 60 ton mech.  I mention the bridges because she has jump jet damage and will not be able to cross the river without a bridge.  Also some sort of Jaguar facility in the area, secure supplies if chance allows.
  Sounds kind of like our rescue of Merloni doesn't it.  So it should be a cakewalk. 
1)  Link up with Tsi-i Matsuzaka.  She will need to cross one of the two bridges in the area.  She Estimates Clan forces will be catching up with her just as we reach the area. 

2)  Escort her to the extraction point.  With or without her mech, her knowledge of the Jags down here will be a great asset and let us go on the offensive.

3)  Secure some supplies (optional).  Area maps show some sort of Clan Facility.  Should be some crates ready to snatch up. 

4)  Destroy all Smoke Jaguar forces (optional)  We will not be able to secure Clan salvage from this area unless we eliminate all the clan forces that come at us.  I'll roll our recovery vehicle to trail behind you guys.  If you eliminate all the clan forces, we will be able to grab two chassis, and any weapons we can easily remove from wrecks, then evacuate the area before heavier clan units arrive. 

Expected Jaguar forces:

Kumiko figures that that there are two clan pursuit stars after her.  She has transmitted a list of the fast mechs stationed at the Jag base that probably will be at the front of the pursuit.  She also included the typical variant that is equipped on the mech, and the mechwarriors typically in them.

Shadow Cat Prime (Star Commander Cano)
Grendel Prime (Mechwarrior Guidry)
Hankyu Prime (Mechwarrior Hunter)
Peregrine (Mechwarrior Peckenpaugh)
Howler 3  (Mechwarrior Stottlemyre)

Firefly C (Star Commander Dent)
Jenner IIC (Mechwarrior Joba) <-Wide broadcast challenge to Kumiko over comms.
Locust IIC (Mechwarrior Righetti)
Vixen  (Mechwarrior Nettles)
Koshi B (Mechwarrior Munson)

Spider (Mechwarrior Rickey) Solahma warrior....not above using physical attacks.

Good Luck!


  1. I hope she is worth it.

    Last firefly we rubbed op against had two of us walking home...

  2. (OOC)
    Should be your toughest battle of the campaign. You guys will get total control of the Hunchback IIC for this battle (And her remaining 6 rounds of AC20 ammo).

    Remember to combine fire at every opportunity, that might be the key to achieving all the objectives.

  3. Being in tight lances calling fire will be critical. We should roll in all tight, meet with the objective, then see where the enemy is. Ideally we would then use one lance to escort her out, and one lance to fight a delaying action until she is clear, then the second lance would come in and we could hit them hard. We have good mechs. We can probably kill or drive off both stars if we work together. If we get strung out, we will be hammered.


  4. I was thinking more along the lines of having Kumiko accept the challenge from Joba. Then she can fall back and draw it out while we tune up the rest of her pursuit then let her pay him back for her years of service.

  5. In my opinion that is an unnecessary risk. She is down to 6 rounds of ammo, and the Jenner IIc is not a weak mech. The mission is get in, get her out, then if possible, attrit the enemy. If we get fancy, it will go bad.


  6. Pulling the stats from the last engagement we had with a Jenner IIC. If Kumiko ca hit it with just one round of the AC20...it will take out any section entirely (Armor and Internals) other than the CT front. So there is a good chance she can down it with just a couple rounds.

  7. I still think that is a risk you don't take unless you have no choice.