Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mission #7: Mission Briefing

Mission 7: Defend the HPG Firebase

Garrison Duty...where you actually have to work.

Primary Objectives:
+ Defend the HPG
+ Defend the Firebase 

Secondary Objectives:

Eliminate all opposing Jaguar forces

Mission Briefing:
We have incoming hostiles.  Showing Two Stars of Smoke Jags inbound from the north.  They are ranging from Light to Assault chassis. 

This is the push for this HPG we expected since the Nova Cats gave it to us.  Let's not hand it back over to the Jags, shall we.  We have 4 Automated turrets helping us defend the base.

Looks like the force is being led by our old friend Star Captain Gehrig.  Though he is not in his Mad Cat, you boys must have done a number on it from your last battle with him.  He has broadcast that he is aware that the "Lucky 7th" is the unit that defends this firebase, and that no honor duels will be offered.  Looks like a straight up fight.  That will make things a little tougher. 

Expected Jaguar forces:
Warhammer IIC: Star Captain Gehrig (2/3)
Thor A: Mechwarrior "Tommy" John (3/4)
Hunchback IIC: Mechwarrior Wells (3/4)
Vulture Prime: Mechwarrior Sanders (3/4)
Huntsman A: Mechwarror Sax (3/4)

Shadow Cat Prime: Star Commander Mattingly (2/3)
Grendel B: Mechwarrior Rivers (3/4)
Incubis (Vixen): Mechwarrior Tartabull (3/4)
Locust IIC: Mechwarrior Knoblauch (3/4)
Howler (Baboon) 3: Mechwarrior Abbott (3/4)

Automated Turrets:
The South East and North West corners of the firebase are protected by a pair of turrets.
One of the pair has Dual Ultra AC2's, the other has an LRM 20 launcher.
The control building for the Turrets is on the south side of the base.  If the Clanners drop this building, all the turrets will stop working.

Good Luck!
Nash out. 
OOC:  Where we bumped the date a week, Mitch will be able to make it.  Rather than re-pick all mechs, I gave him a list of 4 mechs to choose one from (Hatamoto-Hi, Zeus 9S, Black Knight 6, Falconer).  All the mechs are chassis I think he might have taken before the Marauder.  He will make the pick when he is back from Florida and back online.  No he can't swap the ride he picks with one of you guys.  See yah in 9 days

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