Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mission #10: Prelude

Setting: Port Arthur, Southern Hemisphere, Smoke Jaguar HQ, Meeting Den.  Galaxy Commander Jeter is addressing the troops. 

Galaxy Commander Jeter:
Firebase Gamma was lost.  We have also heard that Draconis Combine forces have landed in the northern hemisphere and have overrun our Galaxy there.  We are all that remain of the Jaguar on Port Arthur. I need a status report of your mechs and their battle worthiness.

Star Captain Arod: Phoenix Hawk IIC ready

Star Commander Posada:
(To Arod) You got to replace that thing.
(To group) Marauder IIC ready to go.

Star Commander Teixeira:
Night Gyr Prime, ready for combat.

Star Captain Johnson:
Kodiak fully repaired and reloaded

Galaxy Commander Jeter:
Good, I'm expecting an attack here at the HQ.  No more falling back, no more retreating, We are Jaguars, we do not Run!  We will hold them here then...

The double doors to the meeting den burst open as Jeter is talking...

Galaxy Commander Ruth:
(Walks through doors followed by his command star of Mechwarriors, Interrupting Jeter mid sentence)
We will do no such thing Galaxy Commander. We have new orders from our Khan.

Galaxy Commander Jeter:
Ah, the frightened cub has come south after failing his duties in the north and now expects to hide behind the orders of his Khan...

Star Captain Mantel:
(Striding aggressively toward Jeter)
How dare you speak to Ruth that way...

Star Captain Maris:
(Catches up to Mantel and places hand on his shoulder to hold him back)
Easy Mick...Easy.

Star Colonel DiMaggio:
I'm sure the Galaxy Commander has forgotten that Galaxy Commander Ruth has overall command here on Port Arthur.


Star Commander Jackson:
Understandable mistake.  What have his forces been facing?  A lone company of inner sphere warriors, a reserve unit at that.  He would have had plenty of time to growl orders out to his troops.

Both stars of Jaguar warriors advance on each other except the Galaxy Commanders.  Just as punches are about to be thrown...

Galaxy Commander Ruth:
ENOUGH!  We are withdrawing....not only from Port Arthur but from the Inner sphere all together.

All the Jaguar warriors stop in their tracks looking at Ruth with mouths agape, wondering if they heard him correctly.

Galaxy Commander Ruth:
Khan Lincoln Osis commands that all Jaguar forces are to withdraw from the Inner Sphere and make for the Clan homeworlds.  Our enemies plan has been uncovered...the do not intend to just beat us, they intend to wipe out our Clan.  As poorly as we have fared here on Port Arthur many planets have already fallen to the counter attack.  We must fall back in order to save our Clan.  To stay and fight will only weaken us to the point of our doom.  That is all...Dismissed

The Jaguar warriors look at each other and slowly leave the room with slumped shoulders and puzzled looks of disbelief, wondering where it had all gone so wrong...

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