Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mission #10: Mission Briefing

Mission 10: Catch a Jaguar

Jags are in full retreat off of Port Arthur.  Your job is to prevent the commanders from getting off world.  Your work is cut out for you...

Primary Objectives:
+ Prevent the Jaguar Officers from getting offworld.

Mission Briefing:
We have secured Port Arthur.  however that was only part of the job set before us.  Our Primary goal in all is the elimination of Clan Smoke Jaguar as a fighting force.  To let any of them escape will only mean more fighting for us or others in the future.  We have them on the ropes, and can potentially eliminate two Galaxy Commanders here on Port Arthur.

Satellite recon shows they have abandon their HQ, and large mech facility and are falling back to their Star Port.  Our Fleet assets are evenly matched with what the Jaguars have in orbit, so attempting to intercept them in space will be risky.  Best chance for success is to catch them here on the ground.   
Expected Jaguar forces:
Dire Wolf Prime: Galaxy Commander Ruth (1/2)
Stone Rhino (Behemoth): Star Colonel DiMaggio (2/3)
Executioner (Gladiator): Star Captain Mantel (2/3)
Highlander IIC: Star Captain Maris (2/3)
Warhammer IIC: Star Commander Jackson (2/3)

Warhawk C: Galaxy Commander Jeter (1/2)
Phoenix Hawk IIC: Star Captain Arod (2/3)
Marauder IIC: Star Commander Posada (2/3)
Night Gyr Prime: Star Commander Teixeira (2/3)
Kodiak: Star Captain Johnson (2/3)

Broadsword Class

Good Luck!
Nash out. 

OOC: No ECM in the your C3 will be working so long as the C3Masters stay up.  Will be playing on just one 6' x 4' table.  You guys will be entering from the short edge.  Clanners will be already on the table and attempting get to the Dropship that is near the opposite short table edge.  Wide open terrain for the most part.

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