Friday, August 27, 2010

Invite email for the New Battletech campaign

Ok, here goes...

After hearing about it from the peanut gallery for long enough...I'm going to be starting up another Battletech campaign.  If you are interested that is.

Friday nights, once a month.  Starting between 6pm and 7pm (Don't worry if you are late Larry).  My place.  Looking at the 2nd Friday of every month.  Bring your own food or eat before you get there.

1st session will be Friday, September 10th.  We will pick mechs, have a rules refresher, go over the campaign details.  I will run this just like the '05-'06 campaign.  You each will have one mech and I'll run the opposing ones.  With experience you will get extra skills I've added to the game.

Some of you are probably saying...What about the 40k campaign?!  Well the 40k campaign is still there, and only 3 of us were showing any interest.  We can always fall back on that.  Just had numerous requests...especially recently, to run B-Tech again, so here it goes.

Setting of the campaign will be...

Date: 3059 (Operation Bulldoog)
Location: Port Arthur (Smoke Jaguar occupied space)
Your Force: 1st Davion Guards - at least initially, Draconis Combine reinforcements later in the campaign.
Opposition: Clan Smoke Jaguar (first bondsmen in inner sphere stuff, later you'll face the clanners in their Front line Omni-mechs)

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