Saturday, August 28, 2010

Starting Mechwarrior Roster and MechBay

Here is the starting Mechwarrior Roster

And the starting MechBay.

The colors just represent the paint scheme on the mech.  BV is a good way to compare mechs but not the only way.  You should also consider things like...does the mech have ammo and if so does it have case.
The weapon abbreviations should be obvious, FL = flamer, SSRM2 = Streak SRM2, MPL = Medium Pulse Laser, if there is a w/Art after the weapon it has an Artemus system (+2 to the how many missile hit roll)

How will we determine who gets what mech?  Still to be determined, might do next birthday, might do who shows up first, might just random draw.  But here are the mechs you are starting with.

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