Monday, October 18, 2010

Mission #2, Odds and Ends (11/4 edit)

Mechs have been selected for Mission #3

Added Gregg and a new mech for Josh.  Furlow managed to get the Kintaro up and running from the scrap pile behind the Kurita mech yard we captured in mission #1 (Had to add a mech that wouldn't disrupt the Mech selection process we had already done.)

And the Mechwarrior Roster...
(Issued Callsigns to those that had yet to pick one.  Still need a skill choice from Josh)

And Mech History by Mechwarrior...
(Again added Gregg.  Nice way to quickly stroll down memory lane.  Just so happens my 2nd Javelin mini is painted in Kurita colors, so the whole force will be in Kurita colors except the two "Sensor" mechs)

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