Monday, October 18, 2010

Mission #3, Primer

  When the Clans began their march to Terra they carved a large swath of territory through the Inner Sphere.  The Smoke Jaguars were brutally efficient on some worlds, Port Arthur being one of those taken in just a couple of days.  The majority of Draconis Combine forces were pulled for the defense of Port Arthur before the Jaguars arrived in the system.    

  Those many loyal to House Kurita were left behind, commanded not to cause trouble with their new Jaguar oppressors.  They were to await the return of Combine forces to retake the world.  The theory being to retain the infrastructure of the Port Arthur. The other reason was to avoid another incident like Turtle Bay, where the Jaguars destroyed all major cities on world from orbit using their Warships. 

  Two long time farming houses were ones that stayed behind.  The Matsuzaka family and the Okajima family had been raising cattle on Port Arthur since it's founding.  The planet has a climate and rotation very similar to Terra.  The soil is very fertile and flora from earth had little trouble adapting.  This opened the door for the importing of terran livestock.  The Matsuzaka farm produced a Kobe style beef, the Okajima specialized in raising a mid-western north american style black angus.  The two families had been producing some of the best quality, most sought after beef in the Draconis Combine.  Now under the jurisdiction of the Smoke Jaguars, they are merely a meat market.  The Jags only care about output and that the bellies of their soldiers are full.    

Tsi-i (Captian) Kumiko Matsuzaka

  The most recent generation of the families each had a member serving in the Combine forces on Port Arthur.  Both remained as part of a token resistance force.  Kenji Okajuma was a mechwarrior for the 1st Sword of the Light, he fell in battle with initial contact with the Smoke Jags.  Kumiko Matsuzaka was a lance commander for the 1st Sword of the Light.  Her lance was all that remained of the resistance force left on Port Arthur.  Rather than have the mechs in enemy hands she returned to her childhood home to hide them.  She and her fellow mechwarriors were later captured in the nearby city of Kobe and are believe to be bondsmen for the Smoke Jaguars.

  Now, almost eight years later, the heads of the two farming families, Joji Okajima and Masahiro Matsuzaka, have contacted the 7th company of the 1st Davion Guards.  They had become aware of the return of Inner sphere troops to Port Arthur and that major battles are being fought across the Northern hemisphere.  It didn't take them long to figure out that the dropship that crashed landed in the forest that borders their farmland was part of that invasion force.  After a lengthy discussion Joji and Masahiro agreed to reveal the mechs and offer them to the stranded unit.  It was time to be rid of their Smoke Jaguar overlords and this was the one way that they could help achieve that end.     


  1. Ah soooooooooo, me likey Kumiko, me likey a lot.
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  2. Thanks Guys, Maggie Q is her name.
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