Friday, October 15, 2010

NARC, TAG (tweaked rules) and Missile selection

Little post about some Rules for the campaign.  These may impact which mech a player will take.

With the Raven secured after Mission #2, our Sensor expert, who just happened to have the 1st pick selected the Raven.  How will this impact the game?  Here is the Raven Stuff (Some of this has been posted before)

1) ECM - Essentially will create a 24" Bubble around the Raven that will mess up enemy electronics (Artimus, Narc, sensors, etc...)

2) Probe - along with it's spotting hidden unit ability, it will give one extra level in the Mechwarrior sensor skill tree.  (So Poe will now have the SENSOR ADVANCED skill)

Type: general
Description: Can spot Active units out of LOS within 36”, can tell if those units are Vehicle or Battlemech.  Must have SENSOR Basic Skill.

3) NARC - Magnetic homing beacon, when attached will increase the number of missiles that hit the target mech.  This will stack with any missile skill you may have, but will not stack with Artemis.  you must have Narc tracking missiles loaded (LRM or SRM)

4) TAG (Tweaked rules) - Normally TAG is only for Arty spotting, Seeing as how I have no intention of using Arty in the campaign...I had to make this useful so here goes...  TAG will work with every weapon system in the game.  Before the Fire Phase, the Raven can attempt to TAG a target.  If the target is hit, all weapons shot at that target can ignore the targets movement modifier.  For LRM's to use this you will have to loadup with Semi-guided missiles.  Semi-guided LRM's can fire indirect with out indirect fire modifiers at a TAGged target.

EDIT: in order to use the TAG tweaked rules, you must have the Sensor mechwarrior skill.  Otherwise the TAG works as written in the rulebook.

So this means you will have to select which type of missile ammo you are loading before each mission.
A) Regular
B) Artemis equipped (Needed if you have artemis attached to the launcher)
C) NARC Homing (To seek after a Narc homing beacon)
D) Semi-Guided (LRM's only)
That's all for now...

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