Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vehicle Rules refresher

So I know we screwed up the rules for vehicles the first time through in Mission #1.  This post is to give a little refresher to you and me about how Vehicles work.

The new Total Warfare rules changed how Critcals worked on vehicles with a new chart and everything.  It differs quite a bit from how critical work on battlemechs.  Here are the main points.

1) When rolling damage location on a vehicle and you roll a 2 or 12 you automatically get a roll on the crit chart.  If you are shooting at the vehicle from the side You will also get a crit roll with an 8.  So get to the sides of those vehicles for crits on 2, 8, and 12.

2) Each time you do internal structure damage you get roll on the crit chart.  Not a roll on how many crits you do like with Mechs.  You get one roll on the crit chart.

3) The Crit chart varies with shot location with 4 charts (Front, Side, Rear, and Turret)  You roll 2d6 and check your result.  2-5 on the chart is no effect.  6-11 does various damage to the vehicle, 12 destroys it outright.  You can hit the ammo on an 11 with shots from the rear or turret which will take out the tank unless it has case.  So No real easy way to take out a tank with crits.

Then there is the Motive system damage chart.  The motive chart is kind of like a crit chart the impacts only the vehicle's movement.

1) When rolling damage location if you roll a 3-5 or a 9 you get a roll on the Motive damage chart.  "TRACK HIT!!!"

2) Again you roll 2d6. A 2-5 is no effect, 6-11 slows the vehicle down to various degrees, 12+ immobilizes it.

3) 12+? you say.  Yes you get modifiers to this chart depending upon the type of vehicle and the direction of the shot.  +3 to the chart for hovercraft, +2 for shots from the side, etc... So yeah shooting hovercraft from the side gets your +5 to the roll...7 or better immobilizes it.

A vehicle is considered destroyed if you take out all the internals in one location, or get a critical result that says vehicle destroyed.  The new tables make vehicles a little more tough, but easier to immobilize.  Remember a hovercraft that is immobilized over a water hex is destroyed.  Also there is a -4 to hit an immobilized vehicle (or building, or overheated mech) so there is your easy route to offing tanks.  Immobilize them, then pummel them..


  1. In regards to the first #2, you only get one roll no matter how many internals you get per turn?

  2. No it works just like with a mech. One "roll" for each time you do internal damage.

    With a mech you get the roll to see how many internals you may do. Then if you do internals you roll to see what got critted.

    With the tank you roll on a single chart that combines no internals, with critical damage / destruction. Essentially taking a step out of the crit process.