Monday, October 25, 2010

Mission Briefing: Mission #3

Mission 3: Defend the Farms  

Primary Objectives:

+ Defend Matsusaka Cattle Facility
+ Defend Matsusaka Farmhouse
+ Defend Okajima Cattle Facility
+ Defend Okajima Farmhouse

Secondary Objectives:

+ Destroy all Smoke Jaguar forces

Mission Briefing:
  Got to respond fast to this one folks.  One of the workers on the Okajima farm apparently became a Smoke Jaguar informant.

   Tojo Matsui had worked on both the Matsuzaka and Okajima farms for the past 5 years, all under the Smoke Jag oppression.  Apparently Matsui went to the city of Kobe to celebrate his birthday, with his good friend Wataru Nomo.  While there he had a few adult beverages and starting talking.  He spoke of the farms uncovering hidden Battlemechs to the bartender, and how he didn't want to rock the boat as it were.  He liked his life working with the Smoke Jaguars and didn't want to see it change. Turns out, a Smoke Jaguar official was sitting just down the bar from Matsui.  Before Matsui knew it he was taken away to the local Smoke Jaguar Barracks.  Nomo, who happened to be in the restroom, snuck away as Matsui was being taken into custody.  He returned at once to the farm to inform Masters Okajima and Matsuzaka of what had happened.

    It is reasonable to believe the the Jags will strike hard at the farms.  They must be being pressed hard in the Northern Hemisphere and can not afford to have the populace rise against them in the south.  I'm betting they will attempt to make an example of the two farms.  We can't let that happen.  We are the reason the farms are now in danger we must protect them.  There is also political dangers of two Kurita family's falling to the Jags after helping a Davion force.  Not protecting them might damage the newly founded Star League.  Besides, this is a great chance for some quality Clan Salvage.  No telling what all the implications will be if we fail to protect these Farms.    

Expected Jaguar forces:
  We have to hope that most of the heavy and assault Jaguar Forces to have been re-deployed to the north.  I wouldn't imagine that they would send too big of a force to destroy the farms.  Betting some tanks and maybe a light-medium Star of Clan Mechs.  I would guess most of the mechs you saw in our last encounter with the Jags will likely be part of the force.  Just hope that Star Captain Gehrig in his Mad Cat doesn't decide to tag along..

  Will relay recon photos of the area to your mech's while you are your way.  All four buildings are relatively close to one another.  The two farms a separated by a shallow river (one level deep) that can be easily crossed by mechs.  Not knowing which way the Jags will be coming I would suggest keeping a force near by each of the farms, assuming the Jaguars don't beat us there.

Good Luck!

- Nash out -


  1. We are going to be real careful with fast movers. They will have to expect we are gong to be there and will try to tie us up with a delaying force, probably heavier mechs, and run in tanks and lights to take out the targets. we are going to need to intercept the fast movers ASAP. Obviously we can't ignore the bigger boys, but we can;t let the whole mission fail because we didn't take a smaller force seriously.


  2. Heavies in tight, lights on the edges and keeping their backs clear.