Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Campaign Summary, Through Mission #4

'Twas the night of the Invasion, when all through the Sphere
Operation Bulldog was launched for the Clanners to fear;


The Dropships, they clung to their Jumpships with care,

In hopes that they’d kick the Smoke Jags from their lair;

Battlemechs were nestled all snug in their bays,

The techs on the “Lone Wolf” had been prepping for days;

Captain Nash, on the bridge gave the order to Drop,

‘Twas the Jags on Port Arthur they’d been instructed to stop;

When out from the consoles there arose such a clatter,

Nash shouted for silence to see what was the matter.

A Jag aerojock, had hurt the “Lone Wolf” with a pass,

He had took out an engine,  They were sure to crash!

Nash leapt into action as they were spiraling South,

While some on the bridge could not shut their mouths,

How he did it is baffling, but one thing is clear,

They had safely touched down, but in the wrong hemisphere!


First Davion Guards, the Seventh Company intact,

Was now on Port Arthur, Marching Mechs from their racks.

Nash drew up a mission, and the Mechwarrior’s they came

Now dubbed the Lucky 7th, he called them by name;

"Now, Hetzer! now, Viper! now, Caster and Zombie!

 on Poe, Maverick, Priest, on Meech and Pillsbury!

Drop the Comm tower will you, and secure us a base!

Take out their HQ and smash some Jags face!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,

The Lucky 7th kicked Jags tail in the volley filled sky,

Though, Poe in mid battle, took a nap on a shed,

Hetzer charged tanks, and Meech bumped his head.

No sooner returned from a mission successful,

A Raven needed saving, his situation quite dreadful.

So back out they went, quick repairs and reloads,

They went looking for friendly’s but discovered some Toads.


They also found Clan mechs, one a Locust IIC,

Who all by himself dropped two mechs, nearly three;

With the Raven in tow they fought their way back,

Mechwarrior’s Patriot and Warlock would then join the pack.

Hurt they were in the crash, now their injuries healed.

The Lucky 7th would need all the troops they could field.


Hidden mechs they were given, from Kurita farmers to aid,

But the Smoke Jags found out, and they launched a raid;

“Save the Farms!” Nash ordered, through tight gritted teeth,

And the 7th did that, but just not the beef;

The cattle they cooked, 'Twas a sickening sight,

But the Farmhouse they saved, to Kumiko’s delight.

Bondswoman to the Jaguars, and when she had heard,

About the raid on the farm, the Jags had broken their word!

Honor bound no longer, she stole a Hunchback IIC,

To link up with the 7th, she was hoping to flee;
Two Clan Stars they chased her through the bitter cold night,

In the morn’ they met the 7th, it was a heck of a fight

But lovely Kumiko’s freedom was just not to be,

Smoke Jags gave her headshots, with the total of three.

Poe fell that day also, to be replaced by the “Rock”,

He brought them new mechs while holding his…smock.

Paints still wet he explained, The Steiner mechs quite a sight,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Wishing all the players and Blog readers a Very Happy Holiday season!

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