Monday, December 20, 2010

Mission #5: Matchups

Mech selections have been made for Mission #5.
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Mechwarrior roster has been updated...

The red cell designates a Killed in Action during that mission.  Yes, Jay and Scott already have Kills for Mission 5.  They were awarded a "Kill" for their background stories for their characters.  So those of you that have yet to do so...Get writing for an easy kill.

Finally on to the Matchups for Mission #5.  Details still coming in slow, but here are who you will be up against.  (Assuming all 11 of you show up)

Battle #1
Star Colonel Kachotay (Supernova) G2/P1
Meech (Starslayer) - Mitch
Rock (Bushwacker) - Jay
Pillsbury (Jagermech) - Kyle

Battle #2
Star Captain Costner (Mad Cat) G2/P3
Zombie (Blackjack) - Jeff
Caster (Wolf Trap) - Dereck
Warlock (Firefly C) - Gregg

Battle #3
Mechwarrior Chavez (Nova) G3/P4
Priest (Wolverine) - Larry
Scrapper (Enforcer) - Derek

Battle #4
Mechwarrior Hayek (Cauldron Born) G3/P4
Maverick (Lineholder) - Fab
Patriot (Centurion) - Lee

Battle #5
Mechwarrior Lopez (Peregrine) G3/P4
Viper (Nightsky) - Scott

Again these matchups are assuming everyone shows.  Easily changed, by tweaking gunnery skills or weapon loadouts on the clan mechs to adjust if folks can't make it on January 14th.

Like I said in a prior post, each of these battles will be taking place separately (meaning each will have their own initiative).  We also will be using a card system for initative.  Meaning in the 3 on 1 battles there will be 3 red cards and one black card.  you will not be tied to one specific card so when a red card is flipped you guys can move any one of your mechs (that hasn't already moved that turn). When the battles get down to one on one we will roll dice for init.  This will give us a slightly more realistic movement phase, rather than the all or nothing it would be with dice. 

Details on where these battles will take place and mission objectives will come with the actual mission briefing. 

That's all for now...

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