Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mission #4: Forces

  Here are the forces that will be facing off tomorrow...

First the players.  Hunchback IIC will be starting on the other side of the map, but the players will be running it.  Solid batch of Mediums with tech from 3025 - 3055.  One salvaged Clan light, and a Raven scout mech.  If you want the details on the exact variant of each on the Mechbay on the right.

 Now of the Smoke Jags.  First time (Of many) the players will face two full stars of clan mechs.  Battle Value wise the clanners have a pretty big advantage.  But the Hunchback IIC can fix that with two rounds of fire.  Clanners will stick to dueling rules...for the most part.  Clanners all 3/4 pilots, except the Spider (Ricky) who is 4/5.

(Sorry for the lousy acting funny)

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  1. All I have to do is come up with an excuse for my boss to get out of work Friday night...