Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mission #4: After Action Report

Farewell Kumiko, we barely knew yah.  Some extremely accurate fire from the Smoke Jag forces we encountered blew the head clean off the Hunchback IIC on Turn 3 ending Kumiko life and drastically changing the mission objectives.

So incensed were the mechwarriors of the Lucky 7th, they took the fight to the clanners.  Though that course of action cost Mechwarrior Poe his life as well, falling to another headshot from Star Captain Cano in his Shadow Cat.  The players also lost a Wyvern mech when Mechwarrior Derek valiantly dueled with a Peregrine.

However at the end of the day the players took the field, with only the Peregrine and Koshi fleeing the field.  Leaving much salvage and equipment in the players hands.

Kill board, mechbay, clan salvage and mech roster coming soon.


  1. I am personally saddened by the loss of both Kumiko and Poe. Poe was our brother, and a veteran of many campaigns. His skill and personality will be sorely missed in future missions. I send condolences to the families of the lost, and a promise to make the Jaguars pay a heavy price in return.


  2. The loss of Poe was sad, but on the upside, Viper once again only sustained minor squirrel and tree branch damage and only needed a short amount of time to clean the leaves from his cockpit canopy.


  3. Not my fault that they kept running in front of my guns.. No need to go looking for targets when one is right in front of you.. But I suppose you are right, I could have moved off and missed a round or two of fire just to see if I could get Larry killed...

  4. I call dibs on Poe's stuff!

  5. Or you could have moved off and missed a round or two of fire and gotten that mech of yours, one of the toughest we field, into the mix and spread the incoming fire out abit.

    Just Sayin!

  6. All I know is that there is a Smoke Jag mechwarrior who is down in holding that won't shut up. He keep rambling on about how he made a mech more than twice his weight run into the woods and hide.


  7. Selective memory FTW. I did damage to 4 of the 7 opponents. I did a significant portion of damage to 2 of them. The fact that Larry ganked the only guy shooting at me in one round of fire is not exactly my fault. The mechs in my area chose other targets. When I got to the shadowcat, he was also choosing other targets. When they make a gun or skill that can force someone to shoot at you, let me know, I'll grab it.