Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mission #5: After Action Report

Here is a run down of the action that happened during our Honor duels with Clan Nova Cat.

Battle #1 - Nova Plateau (Rocky Plain with minimal cover)
Star Colonel Kachotay (Supernova) G2/P1
Meech (Starslayer) - Mitch
Rock (Bushwacker) - Jay
Pillsbury (Jagermech) - Kyle

Pretty wide open battlefield with minimal cover.  The Bushwacker and the Starslayer closed as the Jagermech sat back and plinked away.  By turn four both the Bushwacker and Starslayer were right next to the Supernova.  Kachotay had done significant damage to the Starslayer, but it was not enough as Meech put a Large laser and a Medium laser into the head of the Clan Assault mech.  Ending the battle with all three Mechwarriors still standing. (they then took over running some of the clan mechs...which sped up the night tremendously.)

Winner: Lucky 7th

Lucky 7th:1 , Nova Cats: 0

Battle #2 - HPG site (Firebase and HPG building)
Star Captain Costner (Mad Cat A) G2/P3
Zombie (Blackjack) - Jeff
Caster (Wolf Trap) - Dereck
Warlock (Firefly C) - Gregg

Star Captain Costner enjoyed the fact the Nova Cats were going to be defending the inner sphere after this battle.  He however was a staunch believer that Clan technology should be kept for Clan warriors and not spread about through the inner sphere.  When he saw one of his opponents was using a Clan mech...he set that mech as a priority target.  The Firefly C was the first to fall.
Costner then split fire equally among the other two mechs.  His cockpit glass was splintered by two of the scatter shot LB rounds, then another round found the SRM ammo in the Mad Cat just as he fired off both his ERPPC's.  The explosion knocked the Star Captain unconscious.  The Explosion ripped his left arm off the Mad Cat and the Right arm was crushed as he fell on it.  His final shots found their mark, one erppc took the head off the Blackjack, killing Mechwarrior Zombie.  The other took out the engine of the Wolf Trap.  Costner awoke hours later, to find he technically would have surrendered due to the loss of both arms.

Winner: Draw
Lucky 7th: 1.5, Nova Cats: 0.5

Battle #3 - Nova City (City terrain, Paved streets)
Mechwarrior Chavez (Nova C) G3/P4
Priest (Wolverine) - Larry

A truly epic battle.  Both mechs jumped about using cover where ever they could find it in the city.  The Nova C ran out of Ammo with it's Gauss rifle, then with it's SRM4.  The Wolverine ran out of ammo with it's SRM6 and it's Ultra AC5.  Larry had to surrender after his last round of fire from the SRM6, because the Medium laser on his mech was destroyed early in the combat.

Winner: Nova Cats
Lucky 7th: 1.5, Nova Cats: 1.5

Battle #4 - Nova Delta (River, Hills, Scattered forest)
Mechwarrior Hayek (Cauldron Born D) G3/P4
Maverick (Lineholder) - Fab
Patriot (Centurion) - Lee

Three engine hits did in the Cauldron Born after Mechwarrior Hayek had dropped the Lineholder.  

Winner: Lucky 7th
Lucky 7th: 2.5, Nova Cats: 1.5

Battle #5 - The Badlands (Rocky Pillars)
Mechwarrior Lopez (Peregrine) G3/P4
Viper (Nightsky) - Scott

Jumping and running about the rocky pillars.  Massed Pulse lasers and the occasional ERPPC shot finding their marks.  The Peregrine took out the left torso of the Nightsky, dropping the XL engine and claiming the victory.  Though it could have easily gone the other way.

Winner: Nova Cats
Lucky 7th: 2.5, Nova Cats: 2.5

The Lucky 7th Won two of their fights, and in return the Nova Cats gifted them a brand new Peregrine class Clan mech.  Star Captain Costner handed over the access codes for the HPG to Captain Nash as was also agreed upon by the late Star Colonel Kachotay.

Well done folks...Now get ready cause we are going back on the offensive!

Nash out.

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