Monday, April 4, 2011

City fighting rules refresher...

With the game just 4 days away, Figured I would give you guys a refresher on the new rules we will be using for this fight.  We will only be using one 6' x 4' table of this battle, so it is gonna get messy really quick.

1) Sensors.  These rules are not part of the regular rules.  They are something I have made up for campaign play with a GM vs. numerous opponents.  Many of you have the "Sensors" skill.  This will let you see "units" that are out of LOS.  I represent these units with little blocks of wood.  Those of you with sensor skill will see these units 24" away.  you of course will relay the info to your teammates so I'll just put the block on the table.  Scott has Sensors and a Beagle Active Probe in his Black Knight.  This will let him see 36" and be able to detect if the "Unit" is a Battlemech or a Tank.  How come the clanners don't worry about this rule?  Well, the only "skills" I give the clanners is the Sensor skills, They all have the "Sensor Elite" skill (4th one up the tree) which lets them see the exact unit they are fighting out to 60".  Don't complain, they could have the other skills just like you guys.

2) Skidding.  When you attempt to make a turn on Pavement with your battlemech, there is a chance you will slip and fall.  These big machines aren't wearing Nikes.  If you make a turn then attempt to enter another hex while standing in a paved hex, you must make  a piloting check.  If you fail the check, you will fall and skid.  There is a modifer to your roll depending on how far you already moved that turn.  So making the turn when you first start, your modifer will help you.  If you sprint down the road make a turn then try to advance another inch, the modifer will make it tougher.  I'll have some tables printed up and on the wall to help you decide if you really want to try that turn.  Many of the buildings have some grass around them, try to make your turns on that so you don't have to make the roll.  If you fall, you will skid 1/2 the distance you already traveled this turn in the direction you were traveling before the skid.  This can result in you sliding into a building, doing ramming damage to the building and to yourself.  The other way to avoid having to make the roll is to turn at the end of your move and don't go any further.

3) Rubble.  When a building comes down it creates an area of rubble.  Moving through rubble cost you an extra hex (2") of movement. So essentially it will cost you double.  You also need to make a straight up piloting check for every 2" of movement through or turn you make when in rubble.

4) Moving through buildings.  You may (or the clanners might) move into a building at the ground level.  Doing so will do 10% of your mechs weigth damage to the building for every 2" you move through.  So the 100 ton Atlas entering the building will do 10 points of damage to the building.  For every 2" or turn you make you must make a Piloting skill roll, not to avoid falling over, but to avoid taking damge to your mech.  There is a modifier depending upon the building.  The 40 point buildings are at a +1, the 80 pointers are at +2. The two your are to defend are at a +3...please don't enter those.  Why would I want to enter a building you may ask.  Well, you can shoot at units inside buildings (so long as they are within 2" of the edge you are aiming at).  The building will "shield" the unit inside taking 10% of the buildings current CF off from the shot.  So a building with 80CF will take the first 8 points off the first shot.

5) Collapsing Buildings.  When a building comes down it's footprint is replaced with rubble.  The rubble is not one level high and will not provide partial cover.  I have some small rocks that I use to represent Rubble. Units inside buildings that collapse will take damage equal to 10% of the CF of the building at the start of the turn, multiplied by the number of levels (inches) high the building is.  This damage is broken into 5pt groups.  I think the tallest building on the table is 4" tall, so at worst case, you would take 32 damage.  If your mech is on the roof, when a building collapses, you will take standard falling damage which is more severe depending on how tall the building is.  So try not to be on top of that 4" tall building, you'll take 5X normal falling damage.
What the rubble and walls looks like...
6) Walls.  There are also some walls that I added to the map.  These are pretty tall and you will need a jump of 4 in order to jump over them.  You can take a section down with 80 points of damage.  These are reinforced walls so you can not move through them like buildings.  They are too narrow at the top to land on.  You will either have to destroy them, go over or go around.  You saw the mission objectives...They only care about the buildings, walls are fair game to take out if you feel you need to.      

 I hope to post a Video or still shots of the city before the end of the week.

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