Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mission #8: Background

Clan Smoke Jaguar is set the tone for how they would deal with those that would oppose their rule early in the invasion.  The actions they took on Turtle Bay had the opposite effect that they had hoped for.  Rather than remove all thoughts of resistance from the minds of the former Draconis Combine populace, their resolve has hardened.  Resistance Cells went further underground, and their strikes became more damaging to the Jaguar war machine. 

The planet of Turtle Bay has numerous rings, providing spectacular views from both orbit and ground. Most of the planets heavy industries are based in space, primarily asteroid mining in the planet's rings, and the refining of the ore into raw materials. This leaves the planet's cities serene and free of large industrial complexes.

Edo was the capital city of Turtle Bay, prior to 3050. In May of that year, the Smoke Jaguars came and conquered the world. Hohiro Kurita, eldest son and heir to the Dragon throne, was injured and captured whilst defending the world. With the Smoke Jaguars unaware of who they had captured, Hohiro was interned in the infamous Kurushiiyama (Pain Mountain) correctional facility. The local Yakuza clan, the Ryugawa-gumi, with help from Shin Yodama, were able to rescue Hohiro, and then began a campaign of resistance against the Smoke Jaguars. After 6 weeks of rioting, and with the Smoke Jaguars unwilling to send in front line troops forces to assist their garrison forces, the city of Edo was razed from orbit. The local Jaguar commander unleashed the full power of his WarShip on the city of Edo.  The Sawagashii river was boiled away to nothing, and all that remains of a city of over 1 million people is a charred, glassy scar on the face of the planet. Resistance across the rest of Turtle Bay ceased over night.

All this is to say, the Jaguars are not above leveling a city to make a point.  That is what they are attempting to do in Kobe here on Port Arthur.  Luckily, they lack the Warship they had over Turtle Bay.  So they sent in two stars of mechs to do the job.  Combine commanders are aware of what is going on at Kobe.  I've been informed that if we are able to protect the Capitol building, Morimoto Castle, and any civilians caught in the city we will be rewarded.  The Combine is willing to provide us with a Full C3 networked company if we achieve all three objectives.  They will either modify our current mechs adding the C3Master / C3Slave systems (to a canon C3 variant of our chassis, no custom jobs) or provide us with new/replacement mechs if we want.  It is almost unheard of for the Combine to share this tech, so they must really be concerned with those buildings...or they have a VIP down among the populace they want rescued.

Before you get too excited, be aware that at least one of the Clan mechs in Kobe has an ECM system.  This ECM system will block sensors, as well as some other equipment your mechs might have.  So pinpointing your enemy might require line of sight...until you drop the ECM mech.  You will be able to tell if your sensors are not working in a certain area of the city.  (The ECM has a 12" radius about the ECM mech).

Go get em...
Nash Out.

Hold up one more thing...
With all the mechs selected, The NAIS folks took back the unclaimed Jagermech III prototype.  They were a little disappointed their new design was to be left in the mech bay and left in a huff.  Oh well, they will get over it.     

OOC: Dave can make it on Friday, so if everyone shows we will have 12 Players!!!  Dave took the Exterminator and the Laser skill.
Battle Value of the game comes out to 23,260 for you guys, 25,497 for the clanners.  Biggest game we have had yet...as far as points on the table.
Still working on that video and pics...

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