Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mission #7: Mechs selected

Mechs have been chosen for Mission #7.  We will be defending the HPG firebase that we took from the Nova Cats.  There were a lot of good mechs to be taken.  A little surprised both the Warhammer and the Catapult fell through, but there really wasn't a bad choice in the bunch.

 A walk down memory lane, just showing the mechs you guys had used up to this point.

Current Mechwarrior Roster.  Larry is just a short story and an image away from having his 10th kill, Resetting his spawn point to 10, and earning his 3rd skill.  Four of you have the sensor skill...That will make any city fight we may have quite a bit easier.

Mitch will be out.  Fab landed a new job, so not sure of his schedule yet.  Might be a smaller group than normal.  Hopefully we have seen the end of the sub zero temps too.


  1. Like I said about the Warhammer. Hard choice. Bottom line was no case. If we had a variant with no ammo or case, I would have gone that way. As it is the survivability is a bit lacking for a man with my kind of luck.

  2. Maverick will be there, if he's not too drunk or bowling.