Monday, August 30, 2010

Special Rules for the campaign.

Kicks from one level up = Punch chart!
Hey guys just a couple of special rules for the campaign that we will be using. 

1) Floating Crit.  When you roll a 2 on the to hit chart, normally the critical is assigned to the CT.  We will be using the floating Crit rule.  This mean when you roll a 2 for where the damage is assigned, you will then roll another set of dice for the location of the floating crit.  The 2nd roll will automatically have one chance for a critical in the newly rolled section.

Example: You hit the Atlas with an SRM and roll a 2 for location.  You would then roll again for the location of this lucky shot that found the weak spot (Rather than the Center Torso like the rules state).  Say you roll a 12 (Head), the Atlas takes 2 points of damage to the head and you get a roll to see if you get a critical (8+), say you roll a 12 for the chance (3 crits / limb blown off).  Yes the head is considered a limb.  So any shot could potentially (but highly unlikely) take out a mech. 

2) Flamers. if you want rather than doing 2 damage you can add 2 heat to your target with a flamer.

3) Movement Dice.  We will go over the use of movement dice when we get together.  In brief, The color of your die is how YOU moved, the number on the die is the Modifier to be Hit.

4) Fire sticks.  Rather than slowing the game down with a fire declaration phase, we will be using the fire sticks.  After everyone has moved, everyone will place their fire sticks (one per weapon on your mech) at their intended target.

5) Box O Death.  (AKA the Missile Rack)  This is a new one for the campaign.  Found this idea on the b-tech forums.  I'll be building a couple of these using 6 sectioned cases.  Taken one of those bead cases, filled each box with a pair of dice, and numbered each section.

What good is this?  Say you shoot an SRM6 and hit with all 6 missiles.  Just shake the box, set it down and there is a faster resolution to where the missiles hit.   Takes care of the order and where  they hit.  Say you get a floating crit, pick up another set of dice and roll that location.  Say you somehow get an LB-20 and shoot the shotgun round...the Box o Death above will take care of that.

6) Ammo:  You will start the mission will a full load of ammo, unless there is not enough to resupply.  You are well behind enemy lines, you would not go out into the field with only a few rounds or an empty ammo rack.  So no you can't leave your Machine Gun ammo behind.  You are more than welcome to dump your ammo during the battle, however any ammo dumped in battle is lost and not recoverable.  

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