Monday, September 13, 2010

Clan Salvage Rules

  Here is how the salvage of Clan mechs will work in this game.  (Keeping it as simple as possible).
Furlow is a pretty good tech at piecing together undamaged parts of separate mechs.  She is not capable of repairing damaged Clan tech given our current situation.  She is not capable of putting Clan weapons on an Inner sphere Chassis either.  Given enough undamaged salvage however she will be able to get a Clan mech up and running.

A Mech needs a Five things to be operational.

1) Chassis
2) Engine
3) Gyro
4) Head (Cockpit, Sensors etc)
5) Weapons.    

   I will be adding a Clan Salvage table for you to access.  We have thee tech readouts of all the current Clan mechs and their configurations.  If you have a matching set of Chassis, Engine, Gyro, Head.  Furlow will be able to get the mech up and moving.  For weapons loadout you will have to have salvaged the EXACT weapons the clans use on one of their variants for her to get the weapons systems online.  Looking at our current salvage we have a Koshi Chassis, Engine and Gyro, we are missing the "Head" and correct weapons to have a functioning Koshi.  So in the next mission should you bag a Koshi, keeping the head intact and salvaging a correct clan weapons (from any mech, doesn't have to be a Koshi), one of you could be driving a clan mech.
Clan Salvage after Mission #1

  The Clanners have from time to time put Clan weapons on Inner Sphere mechs (Atlas-C, Firefly-C Rifleman-C, etc).  Should you come across one of these mechs, Furlow might be able to add the clan weapons back onto that mech (if we have them).  She is able to remove the clan weapons, add Inner Sphere weapons back onto that chassis.

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