Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Odds and Ends, after mission #1

New paint for the Jenner (click for larger image), Panther and Sentinel have same scheme.

Captain Nash touching base.

Furlow caught up with me, all the mechs are up and ready to go.  After repairing the extensive damage on the Jenner a complete paint job was required.  Both the Panther and Sentinel we picked up had such a nice paint jobs...we painted the Jenner to match.  We also repainted the Clint to match the Whitworth and Hermes II.  So now we have three under strength Lances.  Duty Rosters and Patrol assignments will be given out shortly.

Red Lance: Jenner, Panther Sentinel
Green Lance: Vulcan, Valkyrie, Javelin
White Lance: Whitworth, Hermes II, Clint

While you guys were mixing it up with the Jags, we saw another dropship come down in our area.  Was a Leopard Class.  Figure it was one of ours as we saw it being chased by a couple of Smoke Jaguar omni-fighters.  Figure she went down about 70 Km from our newly acquired Mechyard.  Will send up a probe after a couple of days to see the exact location and situation.    

Nash Out.

(Out of character stuff)

1) Rules change:  Flamers will now cause 2 heat and 2 damage when they hit their target.  Just might make them useful...ok not really, but it is something.

2) I said I would award Role-play on the kill board.  And now I have.  Adjusted the kill board awarding Scott 1 kill, Poe 1/2 a kill and Fab 1/4 of a kill.  This is for the in character comments (and mission planning) they made here on the blog.  Will I automatically award points...no.  But if you don't post anything, you can bet you won't get any "bonus" Role Play kills.
3) Next event will be Friday, October 8th.  Same plan, eat before you get there or bring stuff with yah.  Meet at 6pm, hope to start rolling dice shortly after that.

4) Callsigns:  Come up with one by Oct 1st, or I will assign one to you.


  1. So we won- yay. Pure luck and numbers against old men and rejects got us through the day. No plan, no tactics anywhere to be found. If things continue this way we'll get smoked in our next mission.

    My request for transfer has been denied. Big Duke is dead, I am now Maverick.

    Maverick out.

  2. Just pointing out, there was a plan, nobody wanted to follow it. Cost us 5 Mechs. Not enough in the bay for a repeat performance. Fortunately, we didn't plant anyone. Next time we may not be so lucky.