Monday, September 13, 2010

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Star Colonel Giambi

Star Colonel Giambi at the Smoke Jags Mixed Military Station 
Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Military Personnel (Elemental)

Name: Giambi

Rank:  Star Colonel

Last know location: Port Arthur

  Star Colonel Giambi is the highest ranking elemental on Port Arthur.  Intel shows he was once part of ilKhan Lincon Osis battle armor squad.
  Giambi is a master tactician, training his "Toads" to anticipate where the enemy will be and station themselves in the proper position to strike.
  The Star Colonel is stickler for physical fitness for all those under his command.  When not behind the command desk or on the target range, Giambi can be found in the weight room or on the training field.  He has been know to take detailed notes on each of his subordinates.  Never far from his datapad, the Star Colonel tracks each warriors progress and compares it to past marks set.  Doing so keeps those under his command in peak fitness.  His is always quick to offer guidance on nutritional supplements that will improve a warriors capabilities. 
   Star Colonel Giambi was part of both actions on Tukayyid and Luithen.  His squad was the second to land on Tukayyid, and eliminated at least three ComGuard Assault Mechs.  On Luthien an equipment failure kept him from reaching the front lines, before the Jaguars began their retreat. 

  Star Colonel Giambi has yet to secure a bloodname.  He has finished second at the bloodname contest no fewer than five times.  Giambi is now starting to pass his prime. He may be overly aggressive in battle, in an attempt to prove to his fellow Jaguars he is still a capable warrior.  

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