Friday, September 24, 2010

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Firefly C

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Firefly

Mech Class: Light

Weight: 30 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere (Clan upgrades)

Until the arrival of Wolf's Dragoons, the Firefly was a 'Mech thought to be extinct from the rigors of the Succession Wars. The Firefly is a well-armed recon 'Mech that tips the scales at thirty tons. Since it was reintroduced to the Inner Sphere, the 'Mech has been refitted by the Wolf's Dragoons with Star League technology. It has a maximum ground speed of 86.4 km/h and can jump up to one hundred and twenty meters. As a scout 'Mech, the Firefly gives average performance with its energy weapon-heavy arsenal and is useful in both a recon and in a guerilla fighter role.

The Firefly is armed with a Coventry Five-Tube LRM-5  for long-range firepower and to attempt to keep enemies at a distance. If facing a determined enemy that is intent on closing, the Firefly carries three Martell Medium Lasers, which can cause a considerable amount of damage. Finally, to protect against missile attacks, the Firefly carries a Sure Fire 444 Anti-Missile System.

Firefly C - This is a variant of the Firefly that has been upgraded with all Clan technology. The Firefly C is built on an Endo Steel chassis and is armed with four ER Small Lasers, three Medium Pulse Lasers, and an SRM-2 launcher.

Captain Nash's Mission #2 Analysis: From time to time the clanners take Inner Sphere designs and upgrade their weapons with clan tech.  These mechs are listed with a "C" after their name to denote the "Clan" variant (Such as Atlas C).  This is not to be confused with a "IIC" which is where the clanners have totally redesigned a mech using an inner sphere mech as a template (Such as the Hunchback IIC).   Merloni reported that a Firefly was one of the mechs he spotted.  Being such a rare design I'm going to assume the Smoke Jags have upgraded it to the Firefly C variant.

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  1. GM note: Yes, I know the Firefly is supposed to be a Wolf Dragoons only design. This is a case where a player has asked to try out a specific mech. In this case the player will get to see what the mech can do, and maybe get access to one in a later mission.

  2. Shadow Cat, Peregrine, a Firefly C, the good news keeps rolling in. Hope they have someone to do a S&R for US...

  3. We are the S&R... This should end well.

  4. By S&R you mean "Scoop and Recover" I assume. Hope there's plenty of spoons around and sponges around after the battle.