Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Incubus (Vixen)

Smoke Jaguar Dossier 

Type: Battlemech

Name: Incubus (Vixen)

Mech Class: Light

Weight: 30 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

Inner Sphere analysts were stumped trying to determine the purpose on the second-line BattleMech they dubbed Vixen. The Incubus, as it is known amongst the Clans, is somewhat expensive for a light garrison 'Mech. This is because it uses all the weight-saving material known to the Clans at the time, including an XL Engine, Endo Steel frame, and five and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. This confused Spheroid observers until they understood how important one-on-one duels were in Clan culture and how often they occurred amongst bored garrison troops. The Incubus is a 'Mech that is often used in such Trials, especially because it is easy to turn off weapons to effectively balance the 'Mech's strength with that of an augmented Elemental. Despite its purpose, the Incubus does occasionally show up in second-line forces that are desperate for equipment.

The Incubus is armed with primarily medium-range weaponry. A Large Pulse Laser is accurate and covers a respectable range, while a pair of ER Medium Lasers are solid backup weapons. Four Machine Guns are highly effective against unarmored infantry.

Incubus 2 - This variant replaces the pulse laser with an ER PPC.

Captain Nash's Mission #2 Analysis: Even though this thing looks like it should fly, it lacks Jump jets.  So get it in dense or hilly terrain to slow it down, then take it out.

Tech Readout: http://www.solaris7.com/TRO/HTMLBattleMech/BattlemechInfo.asp?ID=881

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