Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Kumiko

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Bondswoman

Name: Kumiko (formerly Kumiko Matusuzaka)

Rank:  Technician (Former Mechwarrior)

Last know location: Port Arthur

   Former Tsi-i (Captain) in the First Sword of the Light, Kumiko Matsuzaka (now to the Jaguars just known as Kumiko) was taken Bondswoman by the Star Colonel Giambi of the Smoke Jaguars.  She had remained behind as part of a token defense force left to slow the Smoke Jags as they took Port Arthur.  When she and her lance were all that was left of that force they decided to go underground.  She had hid their mechs at the family farm Kumiko had grown up on.  They then attempted to hide in the nearby city of Kobe, blending into the local population.  

  A Smoke Jaguar loyalist discovered the mechwarriors true identities, and informed the local Smoke Jaguar officials.  After numerous unsuccessful attempts to catch the fugitives, Star Colonel Giambi set a trap that captured the other three mechwarriors of Kumiko's unit.  Seeing her unit about to be executed, Kumiko revealed herself and took one of Giambi's fellow Elementals hostage using a Vibro-katana.  She demanded that her unit be released in exchange for her hostage, but Giambi refused.  She then took a page from the Clanners style and challenged the Star Colonel to an unaugmented duel (Meaning no weapons or armor).  She attempted to set the terms of the duel, but the Star Colonel would have none of it.  The Star Colonel knew how highly Draconis Combine warriors valued personal honor.  His terms were if he won, the she and her unit would become loyal bondsmen vowing on their personal honor, If she were to win, then her unit would be freed, but she would remain a prisoner of the Jaguars.   

  Their dual was brief, but lasted longer then many of the Jaguar Elementals that were watching expected it to take.  Many of them had received beating from Giambi as part of their training, and knew what a capable combatant he was.  Kumiko could only dodge the genetically engineered warrior for so long before a right cross connected stunning her ever so briefly, just long enough for Giambi to grab hold of her.  She broke his nose in her attempts to escape, but the vice like grip of the Elemental remained locked.  He easily manuvered her, using his three to one weight advantage, into a submission hold.  He then in turn, looking each of them in the eye, asked for the loyalty of her lancemates on their honor as warriors.  They all complied.  Then he asked her for her loyalty to the Jaguar.  Her reply was simple.

  "So long as no harm comes to my family, I will be a loyal servant of the Jaguars."  With that Giambi slammed her head to the concrete floor knocking Kumiko out.  Then standing over her said.  "They are no longer your family Freebirth!  They are your Clan!"

  It was a week before Kumiko awoke in the hospital to notice the three bondcords around her wrist.  Her service to the Jaguar had begun.  She and her lancemates were separated and she rarely saw any of them.  

  She was assigned as a Battlemech Technician for a Clan Mechwarrior named Joba.  Her days of piloting a Battlemech were over.  Years passes and she remained loyal to her oath, working hard to maintaining her bondmaster's battlemech.  She couldn't help but chuckle as Joba fell out of favor with his commanding officer and was assigned a Hunchback IIC as his Battlemech.  The Mech in the eyes of clanners was reserved for dezgra mechwarriors.  To Inner Sphere mechjocks that mech would is one of the scariest to come across on a battlefield.              

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