Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mission #6: Killboard, Mechbay, Roster and Mech Selection order

First up the Killboard. This is it set in stone, don't like it too bad.  Kills are awarded for bold actions, doing or saying something that makes most or everyone in the room laugh, and whenever I feel like it.  Anyways here it is for Mission #6.

It was asked what the heck Aggressive play means.  Well it is a tool I use to help catch players up to the others, or to give some points where a player may not have earned any.  But to earn it you must play aggressively...meaning no falling back, or hiding behind a building.  Goes back to my Battletech is a long enough game don't make it longer than it needs to be speech that you all have heard many times.

Next up are the Mech losses.  Players lost a freakin lot.  Dragon Fire, Maelstrom, Peregrine, Komodo, Grand Dragon.  The Crab was also too badly damaged to repair and was shipped back to command.

Command has given us a garrison duty while we review our latest action.  We got some pretty sweet rides to use as we Defend the HPG we took from the Nova Cats.  Our new mechs are:
Marauder, Penetrator, Crusader, Grasshopper, Thunderbolt, Warhammer, Rifleman, and a Catapult.  Furlow has also taken the c3Slave out of the Venom and added back the Medium pulse laser, making it the 9K version were we don't have a C3Master to link it to at the moment.

 New look of the Mech Bays with all the changes.

Mechwarrior Roster after Mission #6

Jay, you reached 10 kills, so I lowered your gunnery, you also have a skill choice from the regular or veteran skills.

Fab and Larry, you guys are within 1 kill of your 10th.  You also have yet to turn in a Character Dossier.  Turn one in and get the bonus kill bumping you to the next level essentially.  For your dossier to count, you must have a background story, (How you got into the Lucky 7th) plus a picture or two of what your guy looks like.

Derek, you hit 5 kills.  So you can lower your piloting by 1 if you wish or wait for 10 kills (like everyone else) and lower your gunnery.  You also get to chose a 2nd skill from the regular skills list.

Here is the mech selection order for Mission #7 (Hint, we will be using almost the exact same map, only you guys will be defending)

Jeff (Blue Falcon)


Get Pickin'

After action report for Mission #6 to follow....

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