Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mission #6: Mission Briefing

Mission 6: Capture the Firebase

Time to go on the offensive, roll out guys.

Primary Objectives:
+ Eliminate all opposing Jaguar forces at firebase.

Secondary Objectives:

+ Cause minimal collateral damage.
(We would like to use the base for future operations)

Mission Briefing:
Pretty simple this time out...push the Jag out of the firebase.  We will approach from the south, which should give us the best chance at surprise.

We will strike at dawn.  Gave brief thought to a nighttime assault, but the firebase is too well lit for it to be of any real advantage.

There are 2 walls around the firebase.  
The outermost is rounded on the top so it will be almost impossible for your mechs to stand on.  Not sure if it would support the weight of a mech anyway.  Use it as cover, jump over, climb over, or destroy a section to continue your push.  It is short wall and should only come to the waist level of your mechs.

The innermost is on the firebase itself.  This one appears to be built right into the terrain, and will be impossible to destroy a section.  Estimates are that each wall section could support at least 500 tons.

Get in there and dig them out.  Eliminate or rout all Jaguar forces from the area.

Expected Jaguar forces:
Timberwolf Prime: Star Captain Gehrig (2/3)
Thor Prime: Mechwarrior "Tommy" John (3/4)
Loki Prime: Mechwarrior Wells (3/4)
Vulture Prime: Mechwarrior Sanders (3/4)
Huntsman Prime: Mechwarror Sax (3/4)

Demolisher Heavy Tank (unknown variant): (3/4)
LRM Carrier (3058): (4/5)
LRM Carrier (3058): (4/5)
Pike Support Tank (Clan): (4/5)
Pike Support Tank (Clan): (4/5)

Star Commander Winfield's Point: Small Lasers (2/3)
Point 2: Small Lasers (3/4) 
Point 3: Small Lasers (3/4)
Point 4: Small Lasers (3/4) 
Point 5: Flamers (3/4)

Automated Turrets:
The South East and North West corners of the firebase are protected by a pair of turrets.
One of the pair has Dual Ultra AC2's, the other has an LRM 20 launcher.
There appears to be a structure on the northside of the firebase that may power these turrets.  Scan the building to see if dropping it will take out all 4 of the turrets.

Good Luck!
Nash out.

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