Monday, February 14, 2011

Player Dossier: Walter "Maverick" Sobchak

1st Davion Guards Dossier

Type: Mechwarrior

Name:  Walter Sobchak

Callsign: Maverick

Unit: 1st Davion Guards, 7th Company

Battlemech: Penetrator PTR-4D

Specialty:  Lasers, ER Lasers

Status: KIA, Port Arthur, Operation Bulldog

Walter is a widowed alcoholic with a short temper living in the Okefenokee system with his mother and little brother (Earl). Outside of being the towns mechanic, his days and nights are spent drinking and bowling with Earl, and playing the Solaris VII, a stand-up arcade game at the bowling alley. Eventually he becomes the highest scoring player of the game. Shortly afterwards, he is approached by a Davion Guard's recruiter, named Theo.  Theo lures Walter onto a shuttlecraft, with the promise of ale and women.  But before Walter realizes what is going on, he is on New Avalon, training to be a mechwarrior at NAIS.

The game was designed as a test to find those "with the gift" and only those that score high enough get a "visit" from the Davion recruiter. Walter set the high score throughout the Federated Commonwealth.
Before Walter can attend his first training class, word of a pirate raid on the Okefenokee system reaches New Avalon.  Apparently the worst ever.  Walter demands that if he is to stay in the Guards, he must first go back to defend his homeworld.  Theo reluctantly agrees, going back with Walter.  Upon arrival, back in Okefenokee, Walter finds both his Mother and Brother have perished in the raid.  Walter fully commits himself to the Davion Guards at that point.  Knowing the skills he will learn will give him the best chance at revenge. 

While on New Avalon during his training, Theo introduces Walter to Nash, a grizzly old dropship captain and former mechwarrior one evening at the Officers club.  They eventually get into a drunken brawl, and each sees the strength in the other and they become good friends.  Nash gives Walter some pointers and guidance during his training on the workings of a battlemech. The 1st Davion Guards, who are very suspicious of the new recruit, who was brought in due to his skill at a video game. After the first couple battles he earns the call sign "Maverick" because of his lack of knowledge of in the ways of mechs and mech warfare, but his willingness to fight in his own way.

Maverick was assigned to the 7th company of the 1st Davion Guards upon graduation from the NAIS.  He is one of the longest standing active members of the 7th and currently pilots a Penetrator PTR-4D Battlemech.

(Written by Fab, Edit by RangeRob)

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