Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mission #8: Mission Briefing

Mission 8: City Fight!

The city of Kobe is burning.  Yesterday all Smoke Jaguar officials and military police forces left the city.  The citizens of Kobe rejoiced figuring the Jags were consolidating their forces to deal with the invasion.  This was not the case.  Apparently in reprisal for the populace up north turning against the Smoke Jaguars, The Jags have entered the city and started leveling buildings.  They are trying to make an example of the city and people of Kobe. 

Primary Objectives:
+ Defend the Capital building
+ Defend the Morimoto Castle
+ Defend Kobe civilians

Secondary Objectives:
+ Defend all other buildings
+ Eliminate all opposing Jaguar forces

Mission Briefing:
Should be straight forward, get hose Clanners out of Kobe.  Of most importance is the civilians, we are here to protect them.  There are a couple of buildings that command wishes us to protect.  First is the Capital building.  Figure that the Jags will be looking to make an example of it.  Second is the old Morimoto Castle.  It is of deep historical significance here on Port Arthur, try to keep the Jags from leveling it.

Remember you will be mostly on pavement and concrete so be careful with your turns when running through the city.  As you know metal mech feet can slip on the smooth surface.  I don't want to see a holo-vid on the invasion news of one of you sliding through a building you are trying to protect, or worse slide into a group of civilians.  Furthermore, watch your fire.  I can understand a missed shot or two, just try not to do too much damage to the primary buildings we are trying to protect.

I'm sure that some House Kurita "big wigs" will be watching the situation closely.  How we act will go far toward strengthening  or weakening the New Star League.  House Davion mechwarriors defending Draconis Combine citizens is something that was unthinkable as few as 10 years ago.

Make us proud.

Expected Jaguar forces:
"Ghost Bear Star"
Kodiak: Star Captain Johnson (2/3)
Grizzly: Star Commander Damon (2/3)
Nova B: Mechwarrior (3/4)
Shadow Hawk IIC: Mechwarrior (3/4)
Fire Moth B: Mechwarrior (3/4)

"Jade Falcon Star"
Bane 2 (Kraken 2): Star Captain Sabathia (2/3)
Night Gyr Prime: Star Commander Teixeira (2/3)
Stormcrow (Ryoken) B: Mechwarrior (3/4)
Conjurer (Hellhound): Mechwarrior (3/4)
Cougar D: Mechwarrior (3/4)

Good Luck!
Nash out. 

We will be using the building rules in this game.  
For simplicity each large building will take 80 points of damage. (90% of the buildings on the table will be large) 
Each small building will take 40 points of damage.  
The Two primary buildings you are to defend will take 120 points of damage.
Remember the damage remaining is the amount of weight a building can hold.  So Jumping an 85 ton mech onto a 80 point building will bring it down, you along with it.  
We will review the skidding rules before we start.  
We will skip the basement rules.  
We will review the falling rules, as in falling off a building, or having a building fall from under you. 
Any shot that misses a mech will hit a building being used as cover if any. 
If the target did not have partial cover from a building, shots will hit the building next in the line of fire unless it is out of range for the weapon shot.  I have some small "post-it's" we will be placing on buildings to track damage.  
We will also review "Rubble" rules (as in how to move through it) as a destroyed building makes rubble.
(for the record, The City of Kobe is named after the 6th largest city in Japan...not the Lakers basketball player)

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