Monday, March 21, 2011

Mission #7: Mechbay (after action)

Jagermech III (Prototype)
Ok folks here is our current status for mechs after our defense of the HPG station.

We were down to three working Mechs, a Grasshopper, a Starslayer and a Crusader.

Battlefield salvage was pretty slim, you guys did a number on the both the clan mechs you fought and your mechs.

Furlow was able to get the Daikyu up and running again with the spare parts from the mechbase we captured in our first mission.  However, it is the 01 version with the twin Ultra AC5's, rather than the 02 version we had before.

Kumiko has helped us from beyond the grave.  Her Hunchback IIC was mostly unscathed when she took the head hit.  The Hunchback IIC you guys dropped was scrap except for the head.  Furlow has cobbled those two damaged mechs together and we have a fully functioning Hunchback IIC.

Command shipped us a prototype right from the NAIS mech design lab on New Avalon.  Something called a Jagermech III....Don't ask me where the Jagermech II went...I have no clue.  Anyway check the mechbay for what she has for weapons...not a terrible design.

Next, you guys have some fans.
There is a Captain of the 4th Company of the 1st Davion Guards who is fighting up North.  Somehow his unit got a hold of the battle footage of your defense of the HPG.  Captain Pedrioa, apparently bagged a salvagable Jaguar Warhawk and no longer needs his current mech.  After seeing how Meech stood up to a star of advancing Jaguars, he thought his Black Knight 6 that he dubbed "Laser Show" should be sent down to our unit.

Yes, I know that still leaves us quite a few mechs short for the Company to be up to full strength.  Wait for it...

Finally, we no longer have to worry about defending the HPG.  Command has handed the defense (and the facility itself) over to the experts...Comstar.    The white robed techie dudes, were impressed when they saw the facility, and the clan mechs you had taken out.  So, they handed us over a Level 2 of mechs.  Who knows why they call their lance's "Level 2's".  Or why these "Level 2's" are 6 units rather than the standard 4...but I'm not complaining.  We have our first Assault mechs folks.  They gave us an Atlas and a Crockett.  Atlas is still 3025 tech, but seeing as how the upgraded Atlas has an XL engine I'm not seeing the old tech as a bad thing.  The other mechs are are a solid bunch of heavies.  Flashman, Guillotine, Champion, and Exterminator.  Most of these mechs have some new tech, key word being some.  Note the lack of CASE on most of them.

We are also on the heavy side now, I requested a light scout mech through command...seems they are in short supply at this time.  Guess we will have to bag a Clan Light if we want another one on our roster any time soon.

Anyway here is the mechbay...

Nash out.

OOC:  Time to get picking...

As mentioned in the prior is the selection order.
1) Mitch (Blue Falcon, jumps over Fab)
2) Fab (Dead Mechwarrior rule)
3) Jay (Tied with Kyle...tie breaker goes to Kyle with more kills in the last mission, but Jay uses BF)
4) Kyle
5) Scott
6) Larry
7) Dereck
8) Gregg (BF over Derek)
9) Jeff  (BF over Derek...ouch)
10) Lee (BF over Derek...ummm, wow)
11) Derek (who must be sore)

EDIT:  adding Clan salvage sheet.

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