Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mission #8: Prelude

Tukayyid: 3052.

Seven years ago a great proxy battle was fought on the planet of Tukkayid.  ComStar challenged the invading clans to the battle.  Should the Clans win, ComStar would assist them by limiting the use of their HPG network, thus paving the way to Earth.  But should ComStar win, the Clans would halt their invasion of the inner sphere for 15 years.  ComStar won, letting the Inner Sphere to rebuild it's shattered forces and eventually launch the counterattack called Operation Bulldog.

When the Clans were planning their assault on Tukayyid, they settled many of their disputes through trials and duels.  Four clans demanded the honor of being the first to touch down on Tukayyid.  To be the Honored clan that started the assault that would secure Terra.  The Steel Vipers, Jade Falcons, Ghost Bears and Smoke Jaguars all wished to be that clan.  They would settle which clan would be the first with a trial.  One star of Mechs from each Clan would be matched in a tournament to win the honor.  The Vipers and Falcons faced off in a brutal fight that the Falcons won with their usual tenacity in battle.  The Ghost Bears and Smoke Jags had a more tactical battle, with much more maneuvering by the Jaguars and defensive fighting by the Bears.  The Jags won out then claimed the Ghost Bear mechwarriors as bondsmen and mechs, isorla (prizes of war).  In the final pairing the Falcons and Jaguars had an epic battle, with the Jaguars edging out a victory.  Again the Jaguars took the Falcon Mechs and Warriors as prizes of war.  The Jaguars figuring that by removing those two stars of mechs and mechwarriors that they would weaken the Bears and Falcons.  The Jags figured those stars surely would be part of the Tukayyid invasion force.  The Jaguars would have a slight advantage (at least over the Falcons and Bears) as the clans raced to be the first to achieve their objectives.  For the Clan the achieved their objectives 1st would be honored as ilClan...head clan above all the others.

These two stars of bondsmen were stationed on Port Arthur to learn the way of the Jaguar.  Over the years they one by one were given abtakha (captured warrior adopted by new clan).  Though, these warriors have not seen real combat since those trials.  With the loss of the Clans a Tukayyid, the invasion stopped, and these 10 mechwarriors have been patiently waiting for those years to pass.  Keeping their mechs and skills honed by challenging other Jaguar warriors to honor duels.  They long for combat, and the Jaguars are about to unleash the former Bear and Falcon warriors.

Notable Mechwarriors of those taken isorla:

Star Captain Johnson

Former Ghost Bear.  Star Captain Johnson is the highest ranking of the  former Bears taken in the duels.  Standing nearly seven feet tall, the Ghost Bears put him one of the few mechs that could hold his large frame.  A Kodiak the Smoke Jags have dubbed "The Big Unit". 

Star Commander Damon
Fast rising mechwarrior of the Ghost Bears.  The clean shaven style of the Smoke Jaguars was difficult at first for the young Damon to adjust too, but over the years he has embraced the Jaguar way of life.  His Grizzly class battlemech is the only of kind among Smoke Jags in the Inner Sphere.

Star Captain Sabathia
Sabathia struggled when first becoming a Smoke Jaguar.  Always, wearing his Jaguar uniform slightly askew from the way it should be worn.  It was his way of rebelling against his new masters.  He was the last of the ten mechwarriors taken to be adopted to the Jaguars. Though his Kraken 2 is a brutal addition to the Jaguar forces on Port Arthur.

Star Commander Teixeira
Teixeira might be the best mechwarrior of those taken.  He shows an unusual patience for a Falcon warrior, which translates into his uncanny accuracy.  His performance in the Night Gyr battlemech was so impressive that the Smoke Jaguars signed a contract to purchase more of the Night Gyr chassis from the Jade Falcons.
The remainder of the Ghost Bear and Jade Falcon mechwarriors are average clan mechwarriors at best.  The only thing that makes them different is that they pilot mechs normally found among the ranks of the Bears or Falcons.

Expect to be running into these guys in the near future.  
History lesson over...
Nash out.

(OOC: OK this is really just a reason for me to throw some of my Ghost bear and Jade Falcon paint jobs on the table.  Plus it will get you a look at some different Battlemechs, before the final push with the traditional Smoke Jaguar Heavy / Assault stars.  Don't worry the rest of the Bears / Falcons are in mediums and lights)

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