Monday, April 11, 2011

Missions #9 - 12, Wrapping it up.

Ok folks,  We have 4 major objectives left in this Southern hemisphere. 

1) Firebase Gamma, where we got our butts handed to us.
2) Smoke Jaguar Mech Yard / Ammo dump
3) Smoke Jaguar HQ
4) Smoke Jag Star Port.

Command wants us to save the Star Port for last.  Geographically it makes sense to save the Star Port for last as it is the furthest from us and would be tough to secure with the other three objectives unsecured.

As for the other three it is our choice as to the order in which to take these down.

Firebase Gamma, we have been to before.  Expect Mechs, Tanks, Battle Armor and Turrets.  Of the three will probably be the lightest defended.  Good amount of open ground.   

Mech Yard and Ammo Dump is the primary (and last remaining) major mech repair facility on Port Arthur for the Jags.  Have to figure there will be quite a large force defending the facility.  Lots of open ground to cover to get into this place.  Long Range weapons will be handy.  The salvage however might be enough to get half the company into Clan mechs.  Unknown defenders.

Smoke Jag HQ.  Hills,  Forests, and Rocky pillars.  Think the Jags made it their HQ for the view, and not for any strategic value.  Expect the Jaguar Elite mechwarriors to be located here.  Salvage here should bag us a couple of the best Clan chassis. Mechs and Battle Armor in this area.

Star Port...when we get there, we will have to deal with any Dropships that might be on the tarmac.  That in addition to any Smoke Jags that have gotten away from us.  Another reason to save it for last.

So...which will it be first?  Firebase, Mechyard or HQ?

Nash Out.

Reply to me in an email, Or comment here with your thoughts.  This mission / terrain might be good for you to know before you select your mechs.

Our next event will be Friday,  May 20th at 6pm.  Got to work Saturday the 14th at 7am so the 13th is a no go.  

Waiting on Derek (2 regular) and Dereck (1 veteran) to get me their skills.  Dereck, so you know, Some of the Draconis Combine Mechs you guys are getting will have their newly developed Medium Range Missile (MRM) launchers on them.  So that Veteran skill is now a viable choice...not sure I would take it over ER Laser, or Gauss, or PPC or even LRM's...but it is a choice, cause when they hit...they do hurt a bunch.

Edit: Got Derek' just Dereck.

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