Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Shogun SGH-2F

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Battlemech

Name: Shogun SGH-2F

Mech Class: Assault

Weight: 85 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere 

The Shogun began production before the Star League fell and eventually was thought to be lost to the Succession Wars. The 'Mech suddenly reappeared when the Wolf's Dragoons showed up and had the Shogun in their forces in sizable numbers. The 'Mech was intended to be used as an urban combat 'Mech where its jumping distance and slow speed makes it able to easily traverse the close confines of a city.
Though built for close combat, the weapons payload on the Shogun is built for long range combat. The 'Mech carries as its primary weapon a Magna Firestar ER PPC and two Coventry Star Fire LRM-15 launchers which allow the 'Mech to engage an enemy very effectively at long ranges. The 'Mech does carry two Thunderstroke SRM-6 launchers for close combat, allowing the 'Mech to find any weak spots in an enemy's armor when they do get to close ranges with the Shogun.

* SHG-2E - Downgraded by the Dragoons to Succession Wars era technology the 2E simply carries a Hellstar PPC in place of the ER PPC. Otherwise, the 2E is completely identical to the 2F model. Ironically, because the 2E uses an older PPC model, the PPC produces less heat at the cost of a shorter range than the 2F model, making the 'Mech's waste heat easier to manage.

* SHG-2H - The original Shogun model is similar to the 3050's era SHG-2F, addingArtemis IV fire control systems to the LRM racks. The SRM-6 racks are replaced with four Streak SRM-2 launchers, which share a single ton of ammunition. A head mounted Medium Pulse Laser and a Medium Laser in the center torso rounds out the weapons. Ferro-Fibrous armor and CASE protect the 'Mech.

* Shogun C - A complete redesign of the Shogun using Clan technology that is used exclusively by the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit, the Shogun C is armed with two LRM-20 missile racks with an Artemis IV fire control system for greater missile accuracy. The 'Mech also carries an ER PPC and four Streak SRM-6 launchers, giving it a devastating close range damage capability

Captain Nash's Analysis:  One of these Shogun C's has been seen on Port Arthur.  Must have been a salvage job from Luthien, when the Dragoons faced the Jaguars.  Figure whoever is in this mech must be smart enough to realize a good design, rather than just sticking with a clan designed mech.  Dangerous at range with the Twin LRM20's and ERPPC.  But up close the Quad Streak 6 packs are pure evil.  Do not approach this mech if you are armor thin in any area.

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