Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mission #2: Recon Photos

Here are the Recon photos of the area Merloni and Garciaparra are hiding in. (Each image clickable for larger view)
The insertion point.  Bridges are rated at 120CF, so don't overload them or you will be swimming home.  The intersection shown here is also your extraction point.

We believe our boys are hiding in the trees in the lower left of this picture.  You will note the two Jag facilities in the area.  Your entry is in the upper right.  

Merloni reports this is some sort of Smoke Jag weapon repair facility.  Should be some crates in this area. 

Merloni is unsure what this building does.  Also note the third bridge, this one will not lead you back to our area.  Note the impassible hills with the white rocks.

Mission Briefing should be up in the next couple days.

Nash out.


  1. Looks like a knife fight in a phone booth to me.

    Those of us that can jump can push the center hill, but we are still going to need to keep that bridge open and intact so the catapult can extract.

  2. I believe we should deploy long range strike elements on the east side of the infil location north of the bridge, and send the rest of the force southwest over the other bridge. We should be moving with as much haste as possible. If we take hard contact from enemy force before we reach the objective, then we need to dispatch that with as few mechs as is practical (if possible, we should maneuver these fights so as to take advantage of the fire support on the east flank) and continue to push for the objective point. Once we retrieve the two mechs we get them to the exfil location in all haste, if possible down the western flank, if under fire, then to the east where we can cover the retreat with the fire support we have positioned. The first phase should be done at a dad run if at all possible. we can assess the enemy strength after we have them across the bridge and decide if we want to withdraw or try to attrit the enemy forces at that time, or if by some miracle we have little resistance, we can go after the crates. but I suggest we complete the first objective as quickly as possible, if we get caught up in a heavy firefight before the extraction then we risk total failure. Once we have the two mechs, we can withdraw at any time if needed, so that must be done first.