Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mission Briefing: Mission #2

Mission 2:Rescue the Raven

Primary Objectives:
+ Cross river to search for two Davion Mechwarriors
+ Locate Private Merloni in his Raven Battlemech
+ Locate Sargent Garciparra in his Catapult Battlemech
+ Return across river to Extraction point.

Secondary Objectives:
+ Destroy all Smoke Jaguar forces encountered
+ Locate supply crates and return with them to Extraction point.

Mission Briefing:
Two of our guys are trapped in Smoke Jag territory.  They have gotten to a river which the Raven will need a bridge to cross (Catapult has Jump Jets).  They are waiting for us to help escort them back across the river to our area of operations.

1)     Cross river to search for two Davion Mechwarriors.  Two Bridges lead to the area that we believe they are in.

2)     Locate Merloni and Garciparra. They are hiding in some wooded areas that over look two Smoke Jaguar Facilities.  They will remain in a near shutdown state to avoid detection until they are discovered or you folks are close enough to escort them back across the river.

3)      Return across river to extraction point.   The Raven doesn't have Jump jets, So don't think about taking those bridges out until after the Raven has crossed them.

4)  Secure some supplies (optional).  Merloni was able to scan the larger of the two facilities without being detected, seems that it is a weapons repair facility.  Should be some crates ready to snatch up.  He was not sure what was in the other facility, but did see some crates outside.

5) Destroy Smoke Jaguar forces (optional)  Big picture, we are her to take down the Smoke Jags.  That job will be a lot easier down the road with a Raven and a Catapult among our ranks.  Getting those boys to safety takes priority over inflicting damage for this mission.  

Expected Jaguar forces:
Merloni has seen two stars of Clan mechs patrolling the area.  Safe bet that are searching for our guys and will respond quickly to the area when we show up. 

The first seemed like a Solahama unit mostly made up of mostly inner sphere mechs.
Locust IIC, Firestarter, Assassin, Spider, Commando

The Second seemed like a front line unit.  Probably all Jaguar Regulars.
Shadow Cat, Peregrine, Hankyu, Koshi, Firefly-C

Merloni also noticed an increase in Aerospace activity over the last  24 hours.  Guessing they are closing in on finding our guys.

Good Luck!

- Nash out -


  1. How nice of the clan to leave some front line grade assets back here in the Styx for us to tear up.

    Odds are that means there is something back here worth their attention, and as our arrival here was unplanned I am not thinking its us.

  2. Well having only three Omni-mechs (Hankyu, Koshi and Shadow Cat) They might not be a true front-line unit. Either that or they are and front-line unit and they pissed off their CO somthing fierce to get assigned back here.

    Could be a unit with a role like us, Recon / Garrison / Pursuit. Who knows.

  3. Probably freebirth scum who can't get a frontline job but have a chapped ass and want to prove their worth to the trashborn. Should make things interesting.

  4. Here's a plan- kill everything first, that'll make all the other objectives easier to accomplish.

  5. Assuming time isn't an option and that aerospace traffic that we got word about is not on standby to come and offer CAS then that sounds like a good plan...

  6. Other than the fact that the second lance would eat out lunch if they had Aero cover or not.