Monday, September 27, 2010

Bridges, Rivers, Impassible terrain and rules for Scanning Crates

Here are the details on a few rules that will come up for Mission #2.

Scanning Crates:
As was described in the last rules section, you will be able to pick up crates and bring them back to our base.  You will be able to scan the crates before you pick them up to see the contents.  Here is how this will work.

At the start of the turn, after init but before movement you may make a scan attempt.  You just need to make a sucessful Piloting check to know the contents of any crate within your scan range and within line of sight.

Your scan range is 12", +12" if you have an Active Probe on your mech, +12" for every level of sensor skill you have.  So if you have the Sensor Basic skill and an Active Probe mech, you have a scan range of 36".  Yes you may relay your scan results to your teammates.

Typically the small crates contain 5 tons of equipment or less, Large crates will contain more than 5 tons.
A successful scan will reveal the exact contents of of the crate.

Bridges like buildings have a CF (Construction Factor).   This CF determines how much damage the structure can take before collapsing.  It also represents how much weight the structure can hold.  So an undamaged bridge with a CF of 120, could take 120 points of damage or support 120 tons of units on it before collapsing.  Ex: A bridge with 40 CF has a 20 ton battlemech standing on it.  If the building take 20 points of damage or another 20 ton mech moves onto it, the bridge would immediately collapse.

For Mission #2, the rivers essentially 3 levels deep, 2 levels of water and one level of cliff like riverbanks.
Jumpjets do not work underwater.  So anything that falls into the river will be considered mission killed.

Impassible Terrain:
For Mission #2 there is a ridge line of hills that are impassible terrain.  You may jump over but may not end your movement on these hills.


  1. Good thing I am a sensor specialist...

  2. So you can sense a nice comfy rooftop to lay down on???

    I would suggest you and I run together- you with your sensors and me with two hands to pick up large crates with valuable contents- but then again, maybe not.

    Maverick out.

  3. Well, I think we should move in, destroy or pin down the enemy opposition and exfil as soon as we can grab our rescuees. IF we have some time after finding the two wayward mech jocks that we are not under heavy fire, then we can go after the crates.

    If we don't hit and run we risk losing more chassis, and we already know we are not getting any here, even if we take some out.


  4. Or we could make a push for the crates with the main element and draw off enough for a secondary to find and extract our two wayward sons.

    Just sayin.