Monday, January 31, 2011

Mission #6: Dueling / Physical attacks.

Just a couple of notes for Mission #6 as the game approaches.

In an earlier post Star Colonel Giambi esentially takes the gloves off the clanners for combat.  Here is what he meant when he said..."Authorized to use any means necessary to destroy that mech."

1) The Jaguar Mechwarriors will still try to duel with you.  I'll place the fire declaration sticks first.  Then let you guys place yours.

2) Any player that fires on a mech that is not firing at them will become "Dezgra" (Clan term for disgraced).  And will write their name on the whiteboard we use for initiative tracking in the Dezgra section.

3) Any mech that is Dezgra may be fired upon targeted by any and all clan mechs.

4) Physical attacks work a little different.  You guys will declare physical attacks first.  If you declare a physical attack, the clanners will be allowed to respond that turn with a physical attack of their own.

5) If you perform a physical attack on a Mech or vehicle you will write your name down in the Dezgra section of the whiteboard. (Notice I didn't say Elementals, Clanners fully expect you to try to stomp them or punch them off you as they climb your mech.)

6) Any mech that is Dezgra may be the target of Physical attacks.

To sum up, If you break a duel or perform a Physical attack then the clanners get to play by your rules against your mech.

Teaser as to what you will be facing...A Star of Mechs, A Star of Heavy / Assault tanks, and a Star of Elementals, plus base defenses.  Should be the toughest one yet.  I know I keep saying they and you keep rising to the challenge.

Mission briefing and video of the map to come later this week.

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