Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mission #6: Recon Video

Here as promised is the video of the table.

Players will be coming in on the edge near the hills.  Objective will be detailed in the mission briefing, but safe bet is you will have to capture the firebase.

On a side note.  Furlow, our master Technician, when looking over the new Kurita mechs thought is wuold be quite wasteful for us to send out a C3slave without a network to link to.  She was able to take the C3Slave unit out of the Grand Dragon and restore the Mech to the DRG-5K variant. She was able to replace the rear mounted medium laser in the spot left by the C3Slave.  Yes, this gives the Grand Dragon two rear facing Medium lasers, not overly useful, but more so than the C3Slave.

Mission Briefing to come.

Nash out.

OOC: Also, Larry had graciously donated his Barstools for use around the table.  Thanks Larry!  Those should work much better than the lawn chairs I have down there now.

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