Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Game Guide: Clan Elementals

  Although I know you guys faced off against some Clan elementals before...they never really got into combat.  I fully expect this time that they will.  So here is a quick run down on how they work.

1) Movement:  Walk 1 Jump 3.  So the most they can move is 6".  Battle Armor never use their movement modifier to adjust their own to hit numbers so...they will always be jumping.

2) Damage: Each suit takes 10 points of damage.  Come in squads of 5.  So yeah, each stand can take at least 50 points of damage.  When you roll damage you will roll a D6 and that number elemental will take the damage from that attack (reroll 6's).  Any excess damage is lost...So say you hit a squad with an AC20.  You roll a 2 and elemental #2 takes 20 points of damage killing him.  Once an elemental is killed, you re-roll that number to assign damage.  So say you also it that stand that same turn with a large laser and roll a 2...you would get to roll again to assign that 8 paints of damage.

3) Weapons:  Each elemental suit comes with an SRM2 launcher with one reload (4 missiles) and either a small laser, MG, or flamer.  The whole squad is armed with the same weapon.

4) Shooting attacks:  When an Elemental stand shoots, they don't uses their movement mods as mentioned above.  So they will only be adding your movement modifier to their attack.  Making them quite accurate, however when they hit they roll on a chart to see exactly how many of the remaining elementals actually get their shots on target.  Think of it like a missile attack, even with a hit not all 5 elementals will get their lasers / missiles on target.  Each of the weapons will roll separately on the location chart, so not all 5 elementals will hit you in the head with one roll, the damage is spread out.

5) Targeting:  When you shoot at them, if they jump their 6", figure you will be adding +3 to your rolls.  +1 for the distance, +1 for the jump, +1 for being battle armor (tiny and tough to hit).  Same for if you attempt a physical attack on them.

6) Leg attacks: If an elemental squad is in base to base with you, rather than shooting they can make a Leg attack.  They will use their anti-mech skill, and if they hit do 5 points of damage to a given leg and get an automatic chance for crit.  Their to hit number is modified if the squad is missing more than 2 men.  This happens in the shooting phase.  You can only be target of one Leg attack per turn.  Their base number to make a Leg attack will be 3+ your move modifier and any terrain.

7) Swarm attacks:  If an Elemental squad is in base to base with you, rather than shooting or making a Leg attack they can attempt to swarm your mech.  Essentially climb up to attack you on a modified punch chart in the next turn.  This will give you chance to get them off of you in the physical attack phase and following movement phase (more on that later).  As long as they are on you, they will do their standard weapon damage (No missile attacks by them when swarming) to one location every turn in the shooting phase.  They will also get an automatic chance for crit on the location they hit.  So a full squad with small lasers will do 15 points to a torso, arm or head, with a crit chance even if they don't take off all the armor.  If you are swarmed and someone shoots at you there is a 1 in 3 chance they will hit an elemental instead of you.  Their base number to swarm you will be a 5+ your move modifier and any terrain.

8) Fighting the swarm:  Here are a few ways to get them off you when you have been swarmed.

  A) In the physical attack phase you can attempt to push them off with your hands.  Each arm that didn't shoot can make a piloting skill roll with a +4 plus any additional modifer for missing/damaged actuator.  A successful roll means you have scraped them off you doing punch damage to one of the elementals.  A failure means you punched yourself and you must take the damage.  You must state if you are trying with both arms and roll for both even if you succeed with the first attempt.

  B) In the movement phase you can try a couple of things...Jumping or going Prone.  If you jump you can make a piloting check with a +5.  If successful you have shaken them off so they are at your feet again (doing some damage to them).  Or you can intentionally fall over for 2" of walking or running movement, take a piloting check with a +1 to knock them off you, you will take falling damage and do some damage to them.  If you accidentally fall over, the swarming unit will stay swarming you.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. 

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