Monday, May 23, 2011

Mission #9: Killboard and Mech Selection order

Great Job Men!  That is how focused fire works.  Well Done!  

First up the Killboard.
Everyone gets One Kill for securing the firebase, and one kill for damage done to the clanners.  Fab gets and extra half kill for doing enough damage to Drop the Schrek tank by himself.  Scott gets 1/4 kill for being the only guy who lost his mech outright.

And the current mech roster. 
(OOC: If you have a yellow area next to your name, You have some options.)

Mitch, Kyle, Jay, Fab and Scott.  You all hit 15 kills after this battle.  I dropped your piloting down to a 4.  You all can choose an "Elite" class skill as well (or one of the lower class skills if you want).

Lee and Jeff.  You hit 10 kills.  I dropped your Gunnery to a 3.  You each can choose a "Veteran" class skill.

Mech Selection order....
  1. Mitch
  2. Kyle
  3. Jay
  4. Fab
  5. Scott
  6. Larry
  7. Dereck
  8. Lee
  9. Jeff
  10. Gregg
  11. Derek
  12. Dave
We managed to salvage 2 mechs from the battle.  An undamaged Mad Cat A, and a Shogun C, you can see their stats in the links below. 

Shogun C
Mad Cat

The Rifleman IIC lost it's head and is too much for Furlow to get up and running quickly.  The only Mech that could not be repaired was Scott's Warhammer, so he is the only one without a ride currently.  Yes, Jeff and Dereck your mechs are back up and running.  The Davion techs were so happy with the Battle armor that you captured they supplied us with enogh Ultra AC10's to get Derek's Kraken up and running again.  Mitch if you want the Furlow can swap your Atlas-K for the Atlas C3Slave version.

Now for the low down on the final mission.  Yep I said Final.  Short version...3 divisions of Kurita troops have landed in the northern hemisphere and have all but wiped out the Jags up there.  Turns out Operation Bulldog is going so well for us, that the Smoke Jags have decided to pull out of the Inner Sphere all together.
Our Job is to try an catch the Commanders at the Starport before they can escape in their Broadsword class dropship.  Yeah you guys will be facing a super elite star of clan assault mechs and a Dropship.  The details on that will come later.  Just wanted to let you know what you would be facing before you did your mech selections...

Available mechs Mad Cat A, Shogun C

Your Pick Mitch. 

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